Can Gov. T.A Orji Be A Saint?


By Odimegwu Onwumere


Gov. T.A Orji
Gov. T.A Orji

Today, the world is becoming more aware everyday of how Gov. T.A Orji operates a government of blackmail and falsehood against nonconformists to his views of governance. Reading The Nation online, April 2 2014, one could not but agree that what this governor does is to be mobilizing media-buffoons, who go about creating blogs online and using some established websites to disseminate falsehood against any of their targeted preys and, using pseudonyms for the simple purpose of misleading the general public and, with the aim tarnishing the image of the person they want to blackmail.

?They have been doing this to individuals and groups and think that they were lucky, but they are not lucky this time with such act against the Imo State Government. Remember that there was heralded information that the convoy of Senate President David Mark was attacked in Orlu Zone of Imo State, when he attended the burial of a prominent son of the state.

?This has been confirmed as blackmail and the handiwork of the Abia State Government. It was in a bid to paint the Governor Rochas Okorocha Government in bad light, due to some skirmishes it has with Imo State, that Gov. Orji and his media-immoralists created the comment and dished it out for public consummation, as they are wont.

?In a statement by Sam Onwuemeodo, the media aide to Governor Rochas Okorocha, the Imo State Government has given a strong warning that it needs an unreserved apology from the non-performing Gov. T.A Orji, for using such a sensitive story to score contemptible political stupidity against the Imo State government.

?It was noted that after police confirmed that the convoy of the??Mark was not attacked in Imo State, as had been portrayed by the Abia State governor himself, Okorocha through Onwuemeodo, said: ?We had expected that after the Police and other security Agencies in the country had confirmed that the convoy of the Senate President was neither attacked in Imo, the Abia State Governor would have in the light of the facts, apologized to the Government and people of Imo State over his uncomplimentary remarks and insinuations on the incident which the Imo state Government had considered as a blackmail.

??It is now obvious that the Executive Governor of Abia state, and the Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum spoke in a hurry, which is of course human, but one had expected that he would have added fiber to the nation?s growing democracy if he had apologized to the Government and people of Imo state for talking in a manner that had given the impression that he had blackmailed the Government and people of the state, using the alleged attack on the Senate President?s convoy as tool.


?Apologizing to the Government and people of Imo state, would not have done any damage to the image and office of the Abia State Governor, rather, the apology would have portrayed him as a humble and courageous leader, and it does not also show weakness but strength of character. The state government is worried that more than two weeks after the facts of the claimed attack had been known, Abia Governor had not shown any remorse by apologizing to the people.?

?Do you shudder that such a comment that Mark?s convoy was attacked in Imo State could come from Gov. T. A Orji? Do not be surprised! The governor wants people to be afraid of his government; hence his boys and him are bent on blackmail of critics of the government and opposition politicians and others, like we can see in the case of Imo State.

?Remember that a staunch APGA leader in the state in the recent times slammed a court suit against the government of Gov. T. A Orji, demanding N10b, for activities of blackmail the man said the government had experimented against him. The man?s name is Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba. This disclosure was made on his Facebook page, maybe in other avenues too.?

In a sane democracy, the government of Gov. T.A Orji was not supposed to be against the people, through intimidating forceful moves, as if there is an on-going slave trade in Abia State.

?It is apparent to say that Gov. T.A Orji and his media gangsters are bereft of sound ideas, hence they resorted to blackmail and propaganda as ?bulletproof?.??The story they have to tell in the state and about the state, are just lies. They have been using blackmail against critics of which this writer is a victim of their much blackmail and today, their mask has been revealed and shamed before the comity of Nigerian populaces.

?It is a shame! They lack knowledge, which is like air that should not be denied anybody. Yet, they would not allow those who have the knowledge to share free-of-charge with them. When you do this, the next thing the Abia Government media-goons would do is to rush online and circulate heinous and mischievous and fictitious stories against the person giving the knowledge to the government. They see sound knowledge as criticism!

?Because the governor lacks integrity, just as we have seen in how he betrayed his estranged political mentor, his boys and him want to tarnish the image of others, whom they perceive that have integrity. Just selfish! They forgot that lies sell for a little and will never be bought.

?As Gov. Okorocha has found out that Gov. Orji operates a government of blackmail, the last inch of Gov. T.A Orji government shall perish. Gov. T.A Orji had thought that he was that oppressor who would accept the conscientiousness over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves.

?He had thought that by taking power and doing nothing, we would give away our resilience, even when his government was leading us through turmoil and, critics and journalists through ?slaughterhouse?.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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