Can Humans Significantly Influence the Process of Information Drive?

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Both from Religious and secular perspective, we increasingly understand the power of information, it literally drives humans. Human beings are in many ways walking robots with feelings, driven by information that is largely beyond our control, from the personal level to the collective level.

Even our creation can be credited to information than the sperm and egg we largely focus on. Then on our sustenance and quality of life is also spearheaded by information. Feel free to wonder about my claims, but if you patiently follow through, then you will likely agree information is crucial in our lives.

Although I will lean on secular explanations, Religion shed interesting hints worthy of discussing. Then we also have questionable scientific claims we tend to under-question very late, which we can blame on blind trust of formal and informal education, or lack of thinking. For centuries or decades, we are told about seventy one percent of the earth is water, and that is faulty, or think through the evidence I will present later.

God, the angels, and humans are to be separated. Then we can focus more on humans to win even the atheists. According to the bible or your religious book, how God creates? According to the Quran, God creates or largely creates through ‘Be! and it becomes’ . Aha! who is the chief controller of information? Why God needs Angels and does He control them through information? Of course the narrative of creating man through black mud and recreation through mixture of sperm and egg means the command is referring to the essence, the ‘breathing of spirit’ or commanding of a heart beat.

Then some verses almost telling us the ‘angels play a part in our creation or even sustenance’; or why ‘we create everything through water’. So some scientists say they are looking for a planet with water, but I am not sure if I want to go to an icy country, continent, or planet as human. Anyway, does God or an angel command ‘information’ on the sperm for gender+, then a specific egg for other preferred genetics?

Ok, you may be bored about religious information or information you have zero control on, or near zero understanding of? Well, information is some how pressed on your mum and dad to even like each other, then have sex on ovulation periods? Information help you survive inside your mum, beyond causing reflexes towards your very delivery. It can be long discussions, but how little do you have on the information your parents passed on, which are often mixture of truth and lies?

The primary gauge of information in the world of choice is truth versus lies, everything else is secondary. Yes, you may hear people claim information as intelligent or illusory, but illusion really means sincere petty lies that can dangerously grow . Meaning intelligence is also petty truth, a means. Then some other people may classify information as kind or cruel; but if the information is truthful then it will be kind to all or at least some people. When truthful information is labelled ‘cruel’, then it is likely ending unjust privileges or abuses. This is precisely why it is best to ask: is it truthful or a lie, because the secondary gauges can be very blurry.

As such, we must see truth as the route to heaven and lies to hell, including the earthly versions of the two. No person or culture was known to be free of illusions, one hundred percent, meaning truth is a gradual discovery and I am seeking to have the touchdown or best goal? Our desire for happiness and disdain for pain may seem normal, but we are saver to avoid pain and causing pain, then happiness may search for us.

So partially accept and reject the biblical verse: ‘seek God and all things be added’. Unless God means conscience, man is largely on a sweet control he should never abuse. Myself and perhaps every human being lied somewhere due to fear, greed, and/or arrogance; so at what age do we say enough or wean ourselves? ‘Truthful information is not just the saviour, but the elevator’? I think that is discovering God, but how hard it is to be loyal in a world of different levels of dangers and temptations?

Even loyalty to parents is hard while young, then loyalty or honesty to classmates, co-workers, business partners, lovers, etc. Since God is just, your sins between creatures may revisit you in one form or another. Religion is a blessing with conscience, but a dangerous curse for those who want unjust favors or almost trying to corrupt God?

Born into imperfect parents mean they may feed you illusions, driving you into mini-hell; but your own illusions or lies and cruelty you may choose are much more dangerous. Our forgiving God or earth can be very ‘unforgiving’, or why a verse says: ‘the Kind Lord will punish like no one…’ His rewards are also unparalleled, even on earth. Even secular minded folks will agree nature can be ‘brutally’ just and even mistakes can be very costly, including accidents. Again, information through illusions drive people into accidents, or was it karma based information? You can debate endlessly, but the topic is information and how it influence us from choice and the reward or punishment through information+.

The food you ate as child was based on information, but was it intelligent , truthful, and kind at what levels? You may grow as better or be worse than your parents through information you reject or accept. Here is where human greatest strength may lie in the world of information: Reject or accept. A person who lightly to strongly accepts good information and rejects bad information is lucky, and will succeed.

Your sources of information will again be humans, angels, and God within the journey. Not only is your mind and brain playing a crucial role on your health+, they influence what you eat, drink, and try to breathe for health and happiness. Human cultures and religions were very imposing on food and beyond. Human governments are money driven and hardly go beyond asking what is financially intelligent? I am largely an optimistic person , but somehow pessimistic of human intelligence.

This is why I tend to ask what is truthful, then what is kind, before asking what is intelligent. My best moments came unexpectedly . Although I am yet to be challenge free, I am by far happier and hopeful than I ever imagined.

Like anyone, I remember lying to parents or other authorities to avoid punishment. Such is lying in fear, but will you avoid what brought the scenario or continue in wrong and bank on lie (information)? Through material temptations, you may also lie in greed or even in arrogance. Initiating cruelty is by far much worse, but even revenge or avenge can be dangerous. Once you enter the world of cruelty and will likely be caught, then rejecting truth can be worse than both lying and cruelty.

Learn and teach your kids to understand the importance of reporting to authorities, including God, and patiently wait for judgement. Sometimes you have to forgive or at least defer, especially mistakes, or where children are involved and you honestly remember how you were. Remember, your brain is like a computer hard-disk, recording in ways you may never imagine. I believe in confronting lies and cruelty than forgiving them, but be measurable and help the world towards highest possible conscience.

Heaven is not only a spot you attain, but when surrounded by highly conscientious people or creatures. This is why the latter part of ch.103 ‘exhort each other to truth and patience’ I consider as super good deeds. Here again, you see information as ladder or elevating wings.

As said, the food we eat or our juices can turn as mild information vessels on our minds+, not just body cells. Drugs, alcohol, and other harmful products must be avoided as false favors, which can also be information driven, except in painful journies and destinations. Then comes the blurry blessings like marijuana.

I know no plant that is information oriented like cannabis and having a great mindset and strong conscience before exploring it can be your saviour. The healing miracles of cannabis is sometimes unfathomable, unless you remember it as ‘garden of bliss’, made by the kind one instead of ‘handy works of Satan’. Our emotions are other mysterious aspects of humans, but a big percentage of emotions is again driven by information. The instructional aspects of information, the descriptive aspects, and memory leaning aspects are all different. I rather have sweet memories any day over bad memories, but I consider memory as lower part of fun or punishment.

I rather have sweet moments over sweet memories, and the best way to secure sweet memories is by making great choices as seeds. So help yourself and children to embrace good and avoid evil as early as possible. It can be done through education, especially deep questions, and avoid unjust punishment.

Internal versus external information: Internal information is extremely crucial, because part of it is God teaching through conscience or reteaching you through memories. External information should not be brushed off, but it is indeed where lies many dangers , including accepting lies or cruelty as normal.

From the blessed and questionable music world, movies, or even mainstream media, you are either building or destroying yourself and/or others through information. Then the master of information will use information for or against you. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

The writer is an Activist and Transformer

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