Can NDC explain why they played politics with Atta’s health?



wpid-wpid-John-Atta-Mills3.jpgWhy did they choose to hold back facts about his health? Though I’m not a supporter or admirer of Mills there must be definitely something which the public is ignorant of. The NDC must come clean about their refusal to let go information on his health.

Rawlings is reported to have said “Why deny him (Mahama) his due? Many of us live in a state of self-denial because we seem to have an aversion for unpleasant situations. It is important for us to develop a historical memory of events. I said it over and over, NDC would have lost terribly had God not called the Prof.”

The AL HAJJ Editor, Bature recounts events of Prof Atta Mills?s ordeal with Rawlings. … “Another reason he said made him hate Mills was his inability to ?confront? the Kufuor administration and (properly) make the country ungovernable when according to him there was clear evidence showing that the Kufuor government rigged the 2004 elections, obviously indicating that he would not stop attacking the duo, despite the demise of the late President. Whereas Mr. Rawlings? reasons mirror the exact revelations Alhaji Bature had cited for the NDC founder?s poor relations with Mills, the other two reasons which he is yet to confirm was the late President?s objections to two major suggestions he made regarding the selection of a running mate in the 2000 and 2004 elections”.

The Al-Hajj?s Managing Editor other things revealed that Mr. Rawlings? hatred for Mills was as a result of the latter?s refusal to name then Rawlings favorite, Dr Obed Asamoah, as his running mate for the 2000 election.

The late Prof Mills, he said repeated same when he named Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni as his running mate for the 2004 elections, despite pleas from Mr. Rawlings and Nana Konadu for him to pick Mr. John Dramani Mahama.

These reasons coupled with the ones Mr. Rawlings himself has confirmed, accounted for the NDC founder?s extreme abhorrence for late Mills to the extent that he had wished he lost the last election if he was alive to contest it.

Was Mills the sacrificial lamb that won the elections for the NDC? Did the NDC Let Loose The Dogs of Political Scavenging to lick Atta Mills to his “Death”? Only time will tell!

?Cry ?HAVOC? and let slip the dogs of war!? – William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene I, ca 1608.

Almost four centuries ago, the infamous English bard William Shakespeare penned this magnificent line in his play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. By all accounts, the drama was very popular, and had widespread critical and common acclaim soon after the ink on the pages had dried.

The venue for Act 3 Scene 1 of the play, where this essay?s title is ripped from, was Rome, on the steps of the Capitol, with the Senate sitting in session inside. Julius Caesar himself was prepared to enter the Capitol, but a soothsayer and Artemidorus tried to warn Caesar about entering.

Caesar ignored their warnings, and walked into the Senate. Once inside, powerful conspirators gathered around their king pretending to plead a case. Without warning, they all drew sharp knives hidden in their tunics and brutally stabbed Caesar to death. One of the conspirators, Mark Antony, fled, but Brutus convinced the other conspirators to let him live. Brutus explained the reasons for assassinating Caesar to the rest of the Senate and the Roman people. Antony finally returned later and pretended to still be an ally of the murderous conspirators, but he secretly planned to strike back with the help of Octavius Caesar.

When Antony was alone with the corpse of the murdered Julius Caesar, he was overcome with guilt for his dirty deed and launched into a fantastic monologue. Very roughly paraphrased, Anthony expounds:

?Oh forgive me, you bleeding piece of earth, for cooperating with these butchers. You are the noblest man who ever lived in all of history. Over your wounds now I predict the future? And Caesar?s ghost, roaming about in search of revenge, with hate at his side still hot from hell, will in these boundaries with a ruler?s voice cry ?HAVOC? and let slip the dogs of war, so that this terrible action will smell above the earth, with rotting corpses, begging to be buried.?

Antony now realized that the conspiracy to kill Caesar was a terrible, terrible mistake, and that Rome and greater Italy would reap the whirlwind because of the action of a small group of powerful conspirators.

Like the mighty Julius Caesar in Shakespeare?s awesome tragedy, a small group of men have banded together in our modern age to assassinate another great leader. This new ?leader?, however, is not a king of men but the undisputed ancient Caesar of the democratic world. This type of Caesar has been lusted after for decades of our national history, and has always been the ultimate standard of truth, and proper democratic evolution. The neo-conspirators were able to draw up Machiavellian plans to viciously assassinate the legendary king of assets itself, the refined jewel.

A true democratic is a powerful and formidable foe. It is the primary democratic asset that has intrinsic worth in its own right, which does not represent the mere good faith and credit of another party. Every other non-democratic asset is only as good as the people backing it, the folks promising to meet the contractual obligations outlined on the inherently worthless fiat paper.

In our wacky modern world, the democratic platforms have been besieged by a blizzard of kleptocrats. Throughout virtually all of human history, kleptocrats have promised to alleviate the suffering of the people if they were backed at least to be in government.

For the last half dozen years, the kleptocrats have made some people fantastically rich. The seductive allure of controlling the paper assets is that more can always be created with a stroke of the pen. The kleptocrats fiat ?assets? can be expanded ad infinitum, creating truly vast personal wealth for the entities controlling the kleptocrats.

There is a catch to this massive Ponzi scheme, however. The kleptocrats game only works as long as the general populace in the country is besieged with the kleptocrats BELIEVES and has FAITH in the kleptocrats propaganda assets. The moment that faith begins to wane, the gig is up and the false ?propaganda? that the kleptocrats once seemed to represent rapidly sublimates to its true value, zero.

Finally, general knowledge concerning the death of the late Professor Evans Fifi Atta Mills is very important. Write the media, write your elected representatives, tell your professional colleagues, and spread the word as far and wide as you can. The ultimate profits will be of legendary magnitude!

Few things cause more fear in the black hearts of conspirators than their dark deeds being exposed in the bright and unforgiving sunlight of TRUTH.

Dear friends of true democratic process, our time is now! True democratic process is ready to burst from its shackles, and we will help it along. It is high time for the conspirators to reap the whirlwind that they have sown.

Cry HAVOC and let slip the dogs of war!

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