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Canada’s Hypocrisy and Enabling of Nazism on Full Display


What immediately springs to mind is the standing ovation given by Canadian MPs to a World War II Ukrainian Nazi veteran (brought to you by Canada’s wilfully blind obedience of US foreign policy).

Could you have ever imagined this happening in Canadian Parliament? If you’ve been paying attention to Canadian politics for the past few decades, the answer is yes, as per the “wilfully blind” statement above.

Because of this despicable scene, Jewish groups demanded, and rightfully received, a public apology (along with typical Canadian political finger-pointing and denial).

But what happens when Canada enables current Nazi attacks on an ethnic group?

As per Canadian foreign policy, it depends on the ethnic group, followed by Canadian politicians turning to their American bosses to determine their public reaction and, even more importantly, their continued action.

For decades, Canada has declared a specific ethnic group expendable and has notoriously pursued a policy aimed at its eradication.

That group is Macedonians.

Following Canada’s full support for Greece’s and Albania’s anti-Macedonian actions (including, but not nearly limited to the forced renaming of Macedonia into the highly derogatory “North Macedonia” and terrorist attacks and murder of Macedonians, much with a very public Nazi element), Canada now supports Bulgaria’s demands (with overtly Nazi elements) on Macedonia: to renounce the existence of the large Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and the existence of the Macedonian nation, identity, language, history, and culture as a whole; the revision of Macedonian history to deny that Bulgaria was an ally of Nazi Germany and occupied Macedonia during World War II, committed mass murder and heinous war crimes against Macedonians including the expulsion of over 7,000 Macedonian Jews to the Treblinka death camp in Poland; and that Bulgaria be referred to as a “liberator” instead of an occupier of Macedonia — all for Bulgaria to lift its veto of Macedonia’s EU-membership bid and for the sake of “Euro-Atlantic integration” (read: to secure further US hegemony).

Where is Canada’s apology to Macedonians, and more importantly, change in policy?

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

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