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Cancel Culture Poses Great Danger to Minorities and Essential Truthful Free Speech

Adobestock Cancel Culture
Adobestock Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture Varyingly Harms Societies and Endangers Minorities

Cancel Culture is a very dangerous form of accepted punishment, especially in the west. It is not just inefficient, but it’s injustices and over reactions are harming the minorities they claim to love or protect. The West have the saying, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’, meaning good intentions may not be enough, a wrong how can have adverse effects. Cancel culture is often applied over words they assume or claim may endanger a group. Beside questionable words like the ongoing Kanye West on Jews, ‘serious accusations’ do trigger Cancel Culture like Johnny Depp suffered before the court revealed the details. Many Reggae Artists also suffered through Cancel culture over anti LGBTQ songs. Although saying extreme things to Muslims (excluding Muhammad pbuh), to blacks or even whites can lead to be cancelled , over eighty percent of huge Cancel culture victims are about Jews, Women, and LGBTQ. Some groups are more valued than others and/or more vulnerable than others? Just avoid making them more vulnerable through reckless words, but also reckless Cancel culture.

The brave value free speech and confront bad words with good words. This is an acknowledgement that bad words do exist and should be confronted. Cowards cannot tolerate words much or even have patience to classify words and choose appropriate ways (how) against words they deem wrong. The problem with pro Cancel culture folks is not just fear, but also greed and arrogance. Since they often over value money, they think financial sanctions can make a righteous person back off or the mistaken will understand their overreaction ? Just like they claim people are very different sexually , people are also different on money and how we react to sanctions.

If Amber Heard or xyz makes serious allegations against Johnny Depp, the appropriate reactions can be asking Johnny Depp his version of the events, asking Ms. Heard to consider charges even without evidence, believing police may produce such through means the ‘victim’ may never imagine, etc. Cancel culture prematurely punished Depp based on allegations, making other victims and indirect culprits. Millions will question why accusations can make someone suffer up to denial of work? You may rejoice in assuming Millions of men may abstain from harming women, but Millions may actually see it as over protection of women and disregard to men and importance of work and evidence over claims. If millions fear women or the accusations of women, that will harm not just the minds of innocent men, but they will react to possibly hurt women. Such fears can grow to arrogance and even contribute to LGBTQ trying. Those of us who oppose Cancel culture must educate and even boycott media houses and companies that support such. Even after so much evidence and verdict against Heard more than Depp, some people are blaming Rihanna for working with Depp. Even Guiltier ms. Heard deserves work and no one or company should be punished for giving her work. We are a society or world too obsessed with punishment and that can affect us beyond earth. Mere suspicion warrants reckless choice: so the police shoot innocent people on suspicion; companies cancel people for speaking their mind, the truth, a lie, an illusion, etc?

Kanye West’s words about Jews may not be very appropriate opinion, but does it warrant Cancel culture? Smarter was to study why now, Mr. West? Keep that secret. Then ask him evidence of his allegations and use words to educate the public about the dangers of allegations without evidence against a person, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, or even men? Making very vague allegations against Jews or any group can have effect on the naive, but what percentage of that may ever act? By educating the public, confronting Kanye with enough facts, educating Jews or potential victims, you have done enough as society?

There is reasonable evidence that a Jew with Kanye’s ex and children is the probable trigger . His problems in his personal life does not warrant using vague allegations against a group or using the suffering naive. Like any group, the Jews have some questionable folks that must be confronted without disrespecting Jews who could be partners against bad Jews. There is a company in Israel that sells monitoring technology to questionable governments against good and bad citizens. I think some Jews oppose such, but are governments not doing worse than the average or worse Jews ? Whereas I support how white Jews support each other in learning and working opportunities and wish black ‘Jews’ learn from that; but where are the good Jews who oppose the bad Jews that sell monitoring citizens, who harm innocent children in Palestine and beyond? Where are the good Jews who oppose cancel culture or uses free speech to clarify mistaken opinions? You cannot stop every bad Jew, but you can at least condemn your bad ones and learn to realize over protection through cancel culture will set minds against Jews+.

When a Qatari Official claims ‘LGBTQ is Damage in the mind’, do not just echo it in ridicule and call for cancel culture against a whole country+. Ask him or run an ad. ‘How do you undamage a damaged in the mind’? Prison, killing, man made medicine, marijuana, prayers, patience for Allah/God to Change or judge such, etc? People like me believe LGBTQ is one of the sexual dispositions , but we should just advise them, not help them against children, and let God help or judge them. I support symbolic laws against LGBTQ in some countries, because it will actually save LGBTQ lives. The symbolic laws will not affect you in your hotel room or compound, but if you think kissing or having sex at the stadium is freedom, then you are worshipping desires against children and others. Even if it was legal, some people will hit or kill you in worse way than police or government may. Making it illegal in some countries make sense, even from secular perspective, at least for now.

Just like people may take the law into their hands against LGBTQ in countries like the u.s, people will do worse if LGBTQ mistaken legality as full protection or right to public disturbance in Africa+. The Gambia and many countries have it illegal in symbolic ways, because not even ten people are in prison for LGBTQ and our first Lady is said to befriend many gays. Every life matters, but should under ten lgbtq people warrant countless talks and dangerous sanctions against the Gambia that jails hundreds and arrest thousands annually over Cannabis? Two gays were caught having sex at a Mosque in Senegal, I will support such jailing even if it was heterosexual sex. Beside the weird sexual rights some LGBTQ want, the censorship of westerners in regards to criticising LGBTQ may be worse than LGBTQ. People have the right to criticise polyandry, polygamy, pornography, monogamy, marrying, etc, so we certainly have the right to criticise LGBTQ . Using cancel culture over LGBTQ criticism is actually what will make people hate LGBTQ and those who over protect them? Criticising having transgender compete with women is not hating LGBTQ, but even a prominent white woman suffer cancel culture over such in UK? This signals LGBTQ is first priority as Biden claims, women and Jews can compete for second position until marijuana is legalised worldwide and we confront the guilty LGBTQ+ and protect them without over protection?

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina reportedly married after two years of secret relationship? How many millions of men adored them and paid them indirect dowry without sex? If I have one night stand with one or both of them, with or without marijuana, and they claim something against me, who will support cancel culture or worse? Our unresolved issues or even normalised wrongs in the heterosexual world may have exploded as LGBTQ. We Normalise worshipping desires, desires, desires, especially by and for women. We encourage sexualizing the bodies of women, but over sexualize the minds of men. So an intolerable percentage of women are indifferent to the dues and just desires of men, but men and society should care or recklessly care for women? Being considerate from clothing to sexual acts in private and public places is a taboo. You think the victims are just men, but even teenagers and children suffer when we seed indifference or inconsiderate choices. You do not have to over dress to satisfy the weakest men, but remember the average men, the teenagers, and the God of man and woman.

The Intolerance and worshipping of desires in LGBTQ is vivid, but they are begging for Tolerance? The Tolerance you deserve include advice and deeply ask whether you are tolerating enough. It is easy to love your kind in gender, race, or tribe; so loving outside your type is part of the test for humans on earth, to complement each other , learn, appreciate, and uplift in the spirit of ch.103. There are millions of good and bad men and women, so I can understand if bad luck with ten make you want to abandon a whole gender, but speaking out and trying different continents helps In the world of love, not just money. However, worshipping desires and intolerance mean more break ups in LGBTQ than Heterosexuals? That may be good news to ring buying, divorce lawyers, and others for questionable governments and companies . The sex toy industry and man aided technology for babies is a test. Do not harm, nor lie to, nor lie for any, including LGBTQ, women, Jews, etc. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

Whereas some groups are evidently over protected, they are also often victims. When we avoid hurting them, smartly confront the guilty in our groups, etc we can get a better world and end the over protection. Once you understand fear, greed, and arrogance are our mutual enemies, then you try to clean yourself and your so called opponent or enemy. Some Jews have suffered, some Jews are causing suffering, but do not quickly assume Jews cause your suffering and contribute nothing to what you enjoy. On finance, many of us failed to understand the importance of learning than average Jews. So respect Education, but also funding of research and helping your families in the world of learning and working like Jews…

I doubt if only white Jews made the terrible marijuana laws that affected everyone, especially blacks in America. Those laws were so harmful that White Pat Robinson condemned them as racist against blacks before Kamala Harris agreed as against males too. So if a Student of Louis FarraKhan is claiming Jews are behind the present marijuana and claiming it ‘feminised black males’. You can claim anti Semite, anti black freedom, belittling women, or classify it as fear , greed, or arrogance? If he claims good weed exists somewhere else, then he should bring that good weed in the u.s and prove how the alleged Jewish weed is worse. Help your people with good weed and help stop the bad laws that took billions from mainly blacks: how many homes they seized, cars, other valuables, freedom, etc they seized or seizing over Cannabis? Identifying the chemicals in cannabis in Israel, by a Jew, does not warrant group blame. You have the right to research like Jews and ask African countries to research beyond Cannabis will help us than unfounded and incoherent accusations. What cannabis does to whites vs blacks and other races per gender? So I clearly oppose the claims of FarraKhan and many of his students on Jews and cannabis, but it does not warrant Cancel culture.

How can you convince cowards that truthful words can be more effective than cancel culture? They may arrogantly say one thousand minds cannot be repaired from Kanye’s words and may lunch attacks against Jews? Was Kanye with the Jews making millions, year after year? Was it the Jews that inspired his songs and now helping Taylor Swift more? How many Jews helped Kanye with contracts or can he tell us how he made it without Jews? Was it a Jew who helped him get Kim or cause their separation? It’s hard to see your children potentially switch Religion or learn from Trump and Ivanka, without supporting Trump? If Kim was with me or another Muslim, will Kanye start attacking Islam? Blacks are the real Jews and whites are bad Jews? Is Jew a race, a religion, or controller of governments and companies that happen to worship LGBTQ and women who took Kanye’s kids? I suspect women or only white women are the problem, they control the companies and governments before Jews and beyond cancel culture? Why did the Koran said believing men and believing women, if women were bad? Or why did Obama accused Hip-hop of misogyny over words? Kanye loved many black women more than Taylor Swift, but I suspect ‘a Jack Ass’ or which president removed the misogyny from Kanye to marry Kim instead of Eminem? Hip-Hop bring the races and heterosexuals closer than average politicians in u.s, and immensely contributed to Obama’s presidency and world peace? Uplifting minds and upending cultures that disregard men is not misogyny. Like all groups, hip-hop have questionable folks, but the average are far from misogyny. So false accusations or words hurt, but I did not cancel Obama, I just confronted him then and now until I hear or see him repent sincerely. So do similar with Kanye and others.

Conscience and the Koranic signs concur a lot. Humans operate at three levels and many other types of different three directions. Mindset, words, and actions are the levels. Since you know very little about someone’s mindset until they speak and/or act, your tolerance is tested by how much can you tolerate on words versus actions? I read the Koran and see it recommends patience on words, but allowed or even demanded we confront questionable words with words and patience, not cruel terrorism. So I want to tolerate words than Christian Obama , Muslim Barrow, and others I am tested on earth with. Well, questionable words must be classified as stupid, lies, or cruel. Of course I react to each differently, but largely with words and patience. So when they lied about Muhammad, it hurts, but Koran and Conscience must still be respected or ‘Obama’ may have points against me? Beside words, I look at actions. Stupid actions are self hurting, so I advice and tolerate with caution. Actions that are cruel are sins between creatures and I oppose them vehemently, demand actions on such. So classification on titles that precede Jews, Women, or any group matter. I want to know if it is stupid, a lie, or cruelty before debating it is anti Jews, Women, LGBTQ, etc. How much can Jews and others tolerate on words, fight against with words, because actions are escalation with often ripple effects. With words , we can reshape the mindset and bring new words that will protect each other. Still remember, no group is perfect and words of truth may hurt your feelings, but was meant for learning and some do learn. So those who refuse to learn and worship their desires on words and/or actions should not censor us ever! Go to Kanye West or Depp’s shows if you feel like and avoid Adidas+ for choosing to be a bad judge instead of teacher? I worked with LGBTQ folks and will not advise them at the workplace, nor hate them in any way. If they bring the discussion, I will be truthful or tell them this is not the place. I will trade with them unless they support cancel culture or censoring others. If My nephew or niece was one, I will teach them , love them, and pray for them. I do not think cruel prison or killing a person over stupidity or personal disposition is right. Hope in God and try for change with patience, possible forgiveness, or judgement.

Optional note 2:

Whereas I largely oppose humans punishing humans over faith, words, and personal sins, it is important to note that God have the authority to judge such, even on earth. I will avoid what I consider sinful words, alcohol, or anything I deem harmful. Politicians are at another level, we can tolerate some of their mistakes, but can demand they step down over certain words. They can do other jobs, and I am capable of hiring such at a private company if I feel they repented. All other people deserve varying tolerance on words. People need learning and working, not just fun or lack of it. We can punish in many ways, but once they are not in prison, try to provide work where they won’t be harmful, especially to others.

Humans tend to have many preconceptions. I can claim black women are so and so based on experience and sometimes through own words, not just claims of journalists. The Truth remains I have not met with even one percent of black women in West Africa and there may be lot of differences within the ones I met versus those in South Africa , Jamaica, or u.s. The projected image of whites and thousands I met in North America may have something in common with European whites, but also significant differences. My point is opinions can be faulty , especially if you focus on the worse. If you ask a good single man are there good women, he have every right to say may be. He can narrate good and bad moments with women . He may even confess bad things he have done, but how many good things? A Jew rescued me from an African ocean and we heavily debated issues within weeks. Doing a favor or countless good things does not warrant doing bad or expecting 100% submission to another’s mindset. Differences can be healthy. I enjoyed countless nice white customers , few bad ones, and one who was too racist to buy from a black man? My white co-worker still rang the sale for me, so why should I focus on one racist white woman and ignore others and my co-worker? My point is bad people just need to be minimal and contained, do not expect zero racist, sexist, tribalist, religious Bigot, etc. Employ culture of cameras to handle sins between creatures, but questionable words and mindset should be measurably confronted.

The problem with cancel culture is not just over reactions, but punishing the best of people, the truthful. Once you hurt their feelings with words, they hardly ask if it is truthful and how it may help. The world of words is not just about truth, but should be the first gauge. Asking if words are intelligent or kind is vital, but secondary. Even if it is largely truthful, you can reword for most truthful, kindness, and intelligence. The rich victims get media coverage, but millions of poor people suffer through it. Do not support cancel culture, it is largely harmful, cowardly, and dangerously arrogant in suppression of learning and obsession with punishment.

Both parties supported Cancel culture in the u.s. The racist Republicans supported it against Black Rappers, including Ludacris, as example. The sexist Democrats are increasingly worse in censorship and Cancel Culture in the name of care or love for Truth. The reality is Social Media is a need and we must revisit what ‘Should ‘ we do with it more than ‘can’ do with it to satisfy one sided ‘wants’. Mindset, words, and actions exist in social media. I am not oppose to rightful use of words to improve mindsets and words , including the fact checks they have. However, they do censor even opinions beyond algorithm and selective justice, and that is very troubling. They oppose some Truth and doing almost nothing to curb dangerous actions on or through the Internet . Rather than over focus on money for companies, government was suppose to come up with mandatory video verification for all big social media. A short 30 to 60 seconds video with your voice on your Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, youtube, etc is very feasible and can require annual or xyz update , with limited tolerance on time. Even Robots can facilitate such and people can report suspicious ones for human verification. Every country can have verifiable reporting numbers and sites for suspected or actual Internet crimes. One person who claims to be called Tom xyz of Lesotho asked me to send him my picture ID photo and may be doing crimes in my name? Feel free to blame my stupidity, but how many offices have a copy of your ID and if selling them means government will ignore those who actually use them, then we are in deep trouble. A perfect system means I should be able to report Tom xyz to Gambian authorities, Lesotho, u.s NSA, or special Hague authorities to help someone else, not just me. He contacted me while I was about to publish his full names, happens to be an Israeli in Lesotho, does not seem to be doing crimes in my name, but suppose he was? We need the system. Then annual re-education on how to avoid being a victim of actions will help than the fact check on words. My Cousin and countless people posted how someone opened account in his name and photo, and asking help from his friends through Facebook. The regulated video I am suggesting is through video conferencing, not a video you can copy and paste and can eliminate such. It is not just a question of money, but the stress such cause to our health and politicians who ignore such may get worse than January 6 with God. When people speak like the Trump Tapes, you can say even His confessions included some women denying him, despite his riches. Cancel culture or force apologies will be bad on such. When people make stupid mistakes like me sending a photo ID to someone, you teach us and help hunt a possible liar and/or cruel one, or what is empathy to others and endless time to investigate me versus facilitate where to report? What is the social media identification plan or suggestion by each party and how to confront actions than words on social media? May one mistake or assumption help prevent million crimes and help billions through suggestions.

Optional note 3:

Where are The African Activists, Successful Business folks, and Politicians for Cannabis Legalisation, Africa-wide or worldwide?

I suspect there is a ‘Jew’ or xyz called financial interest, indifference, and/or ingratitude telling western politicians and wealthy folks to quietly legalise Cannabis for western people, make billions, sell some to AFRICA+, but sympathise with African lgbtq than marijuana folks who far outnumber them in prisons, in and beyond Africa. The other reality is there is no Jew, except fear+, telling African politicians there marijuana laws make sense or is kind. It is also vital for all the Cannabis activists in and beyond Africa to form an inner group towards an outer group for legalisation. The inner group can be mainly respectable activists from different countries, but should include rich folks and politicians for legalisation. Burna-Boy of Nigeria and P Diddy of u.s and many others are reportedly investing millions in the Cannabis Industry, but will they consider Africa if reminded or wait for Activists to work without financial and logistical help to free our people ? Activists immensely contribute to why you can invest in Cannabis today and we are not asking one million dollars per Activist, but how we can work together to help Africa make much more Billions in the new Cannabis industry and also stop the Arrests of our youths over Cannabis in reasonable ways like or better than Canada , California, and others. You can contact me on WhatsApp +220 3787 999 towards forming the group, but you should also contact your neighbouring countries for the activists, business folks, and politicians who may join or help.

Beside the many strategies we can discuss and explore towards Cannabis legalisation. An Africa wide musical Tour can help beyond Raising funds and the sensitization needed in Africa, similar to how NormL did in u.s. The kick off place for such a Tour can be Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, or South Africa. The Reason I am naming these countries as preferred place is due to better hosting infrastructure, spending power of consumers, and population. I happen to be Gambian, but if you can convince the inner Group that having the kick off in Egypt , New York, Gambia, or Cameron is better, I will respect the votes. What matters more to me is touring at least twenty Countries and giving enough percentage towards more sensitization and court battle cost for legalisation in Every Country.

Burna-Boy, P Diddy, and others can help reach out to Akon and other Artists who may gladly contribute in one form or another. African Prisons are hard and If Dangoteh, Mo Ibrahim, or Oprah Winfrey truly understand the damage our Cannabis laws do, they will donate to organisations or movement where Diddy or Burna Boy ascertain transparency. The political prisoners and journalists in prison deserve help, but the truth is marijuana folks dominate African Prisons and may God reward their freeing like the Koran said about ‘free a neck’. Freedom is even more valuable than the millions or billions of the mentioned, and we have the task to work and God may free many more countries. Many politicians are also on cowardly political survival mood, so until people demand it strongly, only super brave politicians will act. The supreme Court judges can be educated to act, but need a court case and smart lawyers arguing for Conscience, as in South Africa, Mexico, and Beyond. Many African politicians will gladly respect a lower than supreme Court judge legalising cannabis and will not appeal.

So your task is to share and try to build a network, including contacting me on +220 3787 999 . Be ready to do it with or without me, start regional networking. Blessings to the messengers and Praises to the Lord of the universe.

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