CAR Authorities Refute CNN Report on Killings Allegedly Committed by Russians


The Central African Republic (CAR) presidential administration condemned the report published on Tuesday by CNN about the killings allegedly committed by Russian nationals in the country as a lie.

Earlier in the week, CNN and the investigative group Sentry published a joint report accusing Russian nationals of involvement in the murders in the CAR.

“Republic’s President would like to point out that CNN and Sentry did not visit the Central African Republic to confirm the facts,” the administration said in a statement, obtained by Sputnik.

Administration officials also noted that the CNN report is “a deceitful and libelous report based on rumors circulated on social media.”

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, there are over 500 Russian instructors currently working in the CAR, new deployments are not yet planned. The CAR presidential administration stressed that the presence of the Russian instructors in the country has been authorized by the UN Security Council.


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