Catholic bishops urge Africans to reject western gay incursions

Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in Africa have urged countries on the continent to reject gay incursions from western countries.


They were resolute in their stance against homosexuality, stressing that the continent would not accept any form of dictatorship on the issue of homosexuality.

homosexuals, in Ghana
homosexuals, in Ghana
President of the Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa (RECOWA-CERAO), Theodore Adrien Cardinal Sarr of Senegal, stated this at a press briefing ahead of the week-long Second Plenary Assembly of the conference to start in the Ghanaian capital on Tuesday.

“Beware, beware, beware..we are living in a world where the west behaves as if they can dictate to everybody. But we also have our culture,” the Cardinal stated.

He said it was high time Africans told the west to their faces that they could not dictate to everybody, particularly on the issue of homosexuality and homosexual marriages since “we also have our culture”.

The senior clergy explained that although the African church was not out to condemn those in the act, that did not mean the practice could be imposed on everybody because God created male and female for procreation.

“We cannot promote homosexual marriages because God created male and female for procreation so the Divine order must be respected,” the Cardinal stressed.

He observed that the Western world was losing its faith and so could be doing anything, urging Africans to allow God’s word direct their lives.

The conference to be attended by 16 African bishops of the Catholic Church will deliberate on issues concerning the church as well as peace, security and political governance in Africa.

Archbishop of Accra, Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle reiterated the commitment of the church to play its traditional role in ensuring a peaceful and transparent election during Ghana’s November 7 polls.

He said the Justice and Peace Council of the Catholic Church will ensure peace and stability on the African continent.

“We have been involved in the Ghanaian elections since 1992 and together with the Forum for Religious Bodies will work to ensure that yr elections will be free, fair and transparent so that nothing is done to disturb the peace,” Palmer-Buckle added. Enditem.


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