Causing Financial Loss to Ghana

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What is Causing Financial Loss to Ghana or a nation?

When will Ghanaian protect our public Purse? Who is responsible for the protection of Ghana’s public Purse? Is it the BNI, National Security, The Attorney General, the Parliament, The Executive or the Judiciary?

As for the IGP the predecessor did not hand over properly to him the “digitization key” to enable him arrest the dollar and lock it with the Digital Key.

“Causing a financial loss to Ghana” by Public Servants I don’t know if this terminology “Causing financial loss to state” is law or just a statement, could it be a political jargon to punished few true public servants? I am not a lawyer or law Apprentice neither do I hold BSc Law degree, but if my good friends Barristers out there can help me.

Since the bar now admit over thousands into the bar yearly. I am hopeful by 2055 the court will boast of hundreds of thousands lawyers including WhatsApp Journalist/lawyer who forget to pay utility bill rather buys Christmas three for the airports.

In all humility can someone tell me what happened to the Vaccine money, what about the Covid19 grant that my cousin minister did not know the total grant given to Ghana? Can I ask, what is the total amount of money diverted into private purse in the name of Cathedral? Is there any provision in Ghana’s constitution for Impeachment if any who, how, when and what constitute an impeachment?

May the soul of the Late Mr. Victor Solormey rest in peace! Honorable Kwame Peprah all you two want for Ghana is reliable local rice production enough to feed Ghanaians.

The gallant Ex-GMPC Boss just want petroleum product available for local consumption, the list continues. May I propose that parliament to enforce the law of continuity of government projects of past government that any government that abandons the previous regime projects should be charged with Causing a Financial Loss to the nation? The cost of all the abandon projects in this country is more than the new projects under the new regime.

Let’s look at it this way cost of loan for the projects, the interest component, and future Repair cost after 8 years if any. Now whether the projects are completed or not the nation debts portfolio keep on increasing.

Fellow Ghanaians when are we going to be serious with our public purse? When are we going to check the jokes of the Politian’s? When are we going stop spending what we don’t earned? We are quick to say America this and America that, why not we learn the good things from America than just using the bad things to supports our evil doings.

American is protecting their oil reserves for generation 400 years to come but Ghana what did we do mortgaged all our natural resources for 2 to 3 decade of years into future. What legacy are we leaving for the generation to come is it the cathedral or unrecoverable debts?

By: Dr. Faith Ababio-Twi
Financial Consultant & CEO Fab Consult – USA

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