CDD-Ghana Applauds all human rights advocates

CDD Ghana
CDD Ghana

The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has commended all human rights advocates who have contributed to ensuring that the dignity and freedom of all persons, particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups are upheld.

However, CDD-Ghana bemoaned the growing neglect of state responsibilities and duties towards the protection of the human rights of its citizens particularly vulnerable and the marginalized in society after several years of adopting and ratifying so many human rights conventions and treaties including its own Constitution that mandates the state to respect and protect the fundamental human rights and dignity of all persons.

This remark was contained in a statement issued to mark International Human Rights Day which is commemorated under the broad theme: “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All”.

According to CDD-Ghana Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) continue to suffer disrespect to their human dignity in accessing public infrastructure and other essential public services including information despite the passage of Act 715 close to two decades ago.

This year’s theme provides a unique opportunity for the leadership of Ghana, both the Executive, Legislature, and all key state institutions to reflect on conventions and practices, be it cultural, religious, and traditional that provide the impetus for the total disregard for the dignity and respect for the freedom and fundamental human rights of citizens are eschewed.

Further, the theme has come at a time when total disrespect to the dignity of a section of members of society has increased exponentially as policies and programs that will demonstrate respect for their human dignity and freedom have either been ignored or poorly implemented.

The Center, therefore, seized the opportunity to entreat the government and other stakeholders to take the necessary measures to ensure that the rights of the vulnerable are respected by proactively ensuring full implementation and compliance with all the laws such as the Constitution, the Disability Act, and the Mental Health Act among others.


Below is the full statement 

Press Release for Human Rights Day. 2022 (1)


Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/ 

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