The Public?s negative perception about the economy has increased by 18% between last year and now. This is according to an independent, research project by the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) in its Afro barometer round 5 survey.

The research which involved about 2,400 respondents also revealed that as the negative perception increases, the positive perception about the economy has also declined by 15%.?

This is despite government and other credible International Organization?s perception about Ghana?s economy.
Mr. Daniel Armah-Attoh, a Senior Research Officer at CDD stated, ?Majority (63%) described the country?s economic condition as very bad but 30% thought otherwise?.?

Between 2008 and 2012 we clearly see an 18% increase in the negative perception in the statistics meanwhile the positive side dropped by 15%?.

The Afro barometer round 5 survey also revealed that a sizeable minority of respondents were unemployed.
?Just a small majority of respondents (58%) are either employed full time or part time. A sizeable majority (47%) is unemployed and are either looking for or not looking for jobs?, he revealed.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of the Ghana Statistical Service, Baah Wadie did not entirely agree with the findings on unemployment.?

Mr. Wadie explained that the study looked at people who were only looking for cash jobs however unemployment went beyond cash jobs saying, ?we have people who work for family businesses and they may be paid in kind. Apart from that, to qualify as an unemployed person, you need to be searching for a job?.

He opined that persons who were not looking for jobs should not have been included in the research.?
According to him, even though the Afro Barometer had their procedures for research, they should in future employ the standard national procedure.


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