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Celebrating Ghana’s Independence and Murdering Her with Partisan Politics

Ghana flag
Ghana flag

This country called Ghana will be 63 years this coming Friday.

We took off 63 years ago on a good footing. The leader then, the Osagyefo, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, took on a path of a united Ghana, albeit the initial multi party nature. Despite the “pull him down” attitude of the opposition at the time, he stayed focused in giving out his best for Ghana. As he was determined, same was the opposition’s determination to frustrate his efforts.

They thus, sowed the seed of political partisanship hatred in Ghana, which has been with us till date, the only difference being the military regimes of Acheampong and Rawlings. Despite the negatives in them which were abhorred by both decent/indecent citizens, they were much much better than today’s multiparty dispensation. Partisan politics is gradually becoming the killing spirit of our Ghanaian ness.

Patriotism has been thrown into the fires of hell; and dedication, devotion et all to our preferred parties is what has taken over us. I am a card-bearing and a branch communication offer in Tema.

Why should l support but not condemn what Stephen Atubiga, is alleged to have threatened hell if former President Manama is invited over the Airbus saga? Why should l go out onto the streets demonstrating because my presidential candidate has been invited over an issue that bothers on his integrity which l know next to nothing about? Why should l go out demonstrating over an accusation that as an individual l know nothing about? Why did we (NDC) not come out to demonstrate when the late President Mills, who’s darling boy was former Vice President Mahama; when he instituted a probe into the same issue? Why have we rightly been pushing for a probe into the heavy scandals ala the Galamsey and the mysterious disappearance of over 500 excavators, but fail to see same for the Airbus? The NDC as a Party, must purge ourselves on acts of alleged malfeasance, and let individuals own up to their self-caused headaches.

As well, we should check people in the Party who, without recourse to structures of the Party, make reckless and loaded statements which could hurt its fortunes in the various electoral processes. What l have said here is not limited in my party, the NDC.

Our abandonment of Mother Ghana for our preferred political parties cut across especially the two major political parties. How many NPP activists have called for probes into the numerous scandals staring its Party’s leadership? Coming here, let’s see how worst our Parliamentarians are when it comes to partisan fixation on matters of NATIONAL INTEREST. Sale of Ghana Telecom in Kufour’s time; NDC sees evil, but NPP sees rationality in the deal? P.C Appia Ofori was the only descenting voice of incumbent majority at the time.

Just yesterday a tax waiver of close to $24million was granted Platinum to put up a super luxury hotel.

The company is allegedly owned by a brother in-law of the sitting President. Rightly so, the opposition NDC MPs boycotted it; and not strangely so, the NPP MPs see nothing wrong with their act. A luxury hotel given a tax waiver? $24,million is enough to turn my home District, Bongo into a modern city. But! This is how Ghana is being murdered.

Partisan politics will eventually be the murderer – and it is we, Ghanaians, who are, and will be the CULPRITS. Mother Ghana’s teary eyes stare us, can we abandon partisanship and restore her not totally lost life? It is not too late. 63 years as a state should make us sit, and rethink our political and economic journey. How far have we journeyed? GHANA MUST AGAIN.

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