His Excellency ,President Ebere Azikiwe GOODLUCK

President Federal Republic of Nigeria

”If the PDP rig the election in 2015 we will not go to court and we will make the country ungovernable. We will form a parallel government and there will be anarchy”- Governor Chibuike Amaechi
The above quote from Governor Amaechi crossed the political Rubicon and climb to a direct threat to National security ,and the last I checked ,you are the Commander in chief of the ARMED FORCES OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA ,meaning that the bucks stopped on your table on security matters.
A sabotage to our security is a direct assault to your office and the onus lies on you to defend the citizens ,especially from a fore warned doom as promised by Governor Amaechi.
I remember that during last election somebody ,infact a Presidential candidate made such un-checked remark on how the Nation will be ungovernable if he fail to win ,he failed and BOKO HARAM became a bigger menace,turning the nation to chaotic environment and the Northern part a hostile area where one must walk around with great trepidation ,they love snuffing life out of those that craved to live.Making the Nation very insecure place to say the least.
Now on National Television a Governor say openly that if APC lose the election of 2015 ,there will be ANARCHY and you kept quiet ?.
Sir,what are the duties of your service chiefs ? Why not arrest that man for that pronouncement ,detain him for questioning and demand to know how he intends to carry that out ,despite his immunity ,the immunity did not supersede the security of the nation and from his pronouncement ,he has crossed the line of decency.
If the definition of his immunity guarantees that he cannot be arrested even if he threw live bomb at the President ,how about members of his cabinet?.
We all know that Niger Delta Militants reigned for years and by virtue of agreement ,they were able to lay down weapons and here we are battling BOKO HARAM ,the effect is alarming and a Governor from NIGER DELTA Region ,a Region capable of causing same Harm like Boko Haram has the temerity of promising the nation an ANARCHY, and the service chiefs and security personnels kept quiet ?
What stops them from withdrawing every Government security in his detail ? if he get personal security and they bear any kind of ARM, all of them will also be arrested and charged to court for illegal arms possession ?.
Then restrict that Governor from plying any Federal road ,once he gets on any highway ,he will be stopped and searched to see if he is sending WEAPON of ANARCHY to his disciples ,so they can start or be equipped to carry out his threat.
Throw the weight of the Presidency against him just to make sure that he did not poison the peace process or the existing peace in that region.
Sir,on those members of the house that insisted that there won,t be renewal of ?STATE OF EMERGENCY in those hot zones ,I suggest you send them to that state for FACT FINDINGS and they will go without security of any sought ,that is the only way they will form an opinion when they come back from the spot.If not ,they will continue to pontificate from a secured place of Comfort in Abuja and they do not care if those living within that Hot zone lived or dies ,to this politician ,anything to score cheap political point .
As for Tambuwal and his fence climbing bunch of dis-honorable swaggers ,I do not have anything to say but to advise you that in my hood they said ,you cannot dance a masquerade in a waltz fashion ,it cannot match ,you must dance it the way the beating sounds ?My old man will say that ?SURUGEDE DANCE IS THE DANCE OF THE SPIRIT,NO HUMAN DANCE IT WITH HUMAN STEPS? and with this ,I humbly beg to recess.
Source: Mazi Odera
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