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Charity entity helping rural Zambian communities thrive


For many rural communities in Zambia, access to basic needs such as healthcare services, shelter and education is a challenge. These challenges have hindered rural dwellers in different parts of the country from realizing their aspirations and contributed to underdevelopment in communities.

It is against this backdrop that a number of charities have continued to invest in rural and remote areas of Zambia. Among those that have stepped up to address the needs of poor rural dwellers in Zambia is Sunrise Africa Relief.

The organization has since its establishment in 2014 reached out to hundreds of people in eastern Zambia with healthcare and educational support among other noteworthy undertakings.

The charity creates opportunities for human development, community welfare and social progress through educational service projects while endorsing the essential principles of compassion and cooperation as the cornerstone of peace and stability.

“At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were privileged to receive hand sanitizers and hand washing liquid, courtesy of Sunrise Africa Relief. The items really helped the community to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and wreaking havoc in Sandwe village,” said Raphael Baluwa, a Sandwe community representative.

Baluwa revealed that Sunrise Africa Relief recently also donated a hammer mill to the village, which is located in the Petauke district of eastern Zambia, to help residents access a grain milling facility within a short radius.

“The new hammer mill will help reduce the pressure on the older two hammer mills this large community of 5,000 people has for a very long time. It will also lessen the amount of time residents spend going to process maize meal and other grain produce,” he said.

In October this year, Sunrise Africa Relief provided financial support for the construction of a mothers’ shelter at a health post in Makale village. The shelter will serve as a waiting area for women seeking services at the Makele health post.

Like Sandwe, Makale village is a rural community located on the outskirts of Petauke district in eastern Zambia. In these areas, residents have to cover long distances to get to a nearby school or health facility.

“The shelter will be particularly helpful to pregnant women who travel long distances to seek healthcare services. They will no longer have to be in an open space where they are scorched by the sun or get drenched when it rains while waiting to be attended to,” said Christopher Mwale, a community development officer in Makale village.

Lawrence Banda, a representative of Sunrise Africa Relief revealed that the organization also donated computers to a school in Makale village two years ago. The donation contributed to the increase in the number of school-going children scoring higher marks in the Information Technology subject last year, according to Makale residents. As a result of this, many children in the area are now eager to learn computer-related subjects.

“Sunrise Africa Relief is working to ensure that children in rural and remote areas of the country have access to computers just like their counterparts in urban areas. We are particularly happy to learn that these children are excelling in information technology-related subjects,” Banda said.

He added that aside from the aforementioned work, Sunrise Africa Relief has also been instrumental in providing optical glasses and clothing to rural communities and vulnerable people in Zambia. Enditem

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