ChatGPT and Bing AI to be panelists at FinTech conference

Chatgtp And Bing Ai
Chatgtp And Bing Ai

Artificial intelligence chatbots will be used as panellists for the first time as part of a conference hosted by the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology this week.

The panel event will be part of a series of workshops conducted over two days at the conference. Organisers will record each of the workshops and feed the text transcripts through OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing AI to create a report of the two-day event.

ChatGPT and Bing AI will also join the discussion and answer audience questions alongside human panellists.

The two AI models have been ridiculed for giving false answers to search queries, but new iterations continue to improve on the nuances of human thinking. OpenAI, for instance, has just released the latest version of ChatGPT – ChatGPT-4 – which it says is more creative, less likely to make up facts and less biased than its predecessor.

Professor Ram Gopal, director of the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology, says: “This experiment aims to give our audience access to research and insights embodied in these language models, as well as challenging our panellists and audience in a different way. It has the potential to re-shape the way we think about panel discussions and the way we debate and share research and expertise in a live forum.”

The Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology was established by Warwick Business School using a £3 million donation from Clive Gillmore, founder and Group CEO of Mondrian Investment Partners.

Professor Gopal says: “We are creating a place for researchers, policymakers, industry leaders and tech entrepreneurs to come together and explore new opportunities and ideas.

“We have Silicon Spa on our doorstep in Leamington and more than 120 fintech start-ups across the West Midlands, adding around £420 million a year to the regional economy.”

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