ChatGPT to get more interactive with voice conversations


ChatGPT is evolving into much more than a text-based search engine, with OpenAI announcing today that it’s adding new voice and image-based smarts to the mix.

The wildly popular generative AI assistant has been one of the biggest technology success stories of recent times since its debut some nine months ago, allowing anyone to generate essays, poems and summaries from simple text-based prompts. But now, ChatGPT is about to get a lot more interactive, with users also able to have a voice conversation with the chatbot.

The announcement comes on the same day Amazon committed to invest up to $4 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic, a move that constitutes part of a bigger generative AI battle between the tech giants of the world that includes Google trying to play catchup via its Bard chatbot, Meta adopting a firm open source ethos to help it get a leg up and Microsoft closely aligning itself with OpenAI itself.

Conversation starter

Today marks a notable evolution for the generative AI movement, with OpenAI meshing the familiar world of voice-based assistants with its powerful large language models (LLMs).

For instance, a user will be able to verbally ask ChatGPT to make up a bedtime story on the spot, with a few vocal prompts to guide the narrative. Or the user can simply ask it a question, with ChatGPT giving its response in spoken word form.

Elsewhere, ChatGPT users will also be able to search for answers using images, for instance uploading a picture of something and asking ChatGPT to explain what it is, or to provide instructions for completing a goal.

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