Check seven ways to be a super man.


Every superman needs to look good. If you think spending time on your appearance is unmanly then you need to reassess. Face it, the days when men could shave their heads and go for a run once a week and get called ?well-kept? are gone. The modern man has to have style and looks if he wants success. The number one area to spend time on is your face. Most men neglect their face, but it?s one of the key areas women look at. If you shave, then make sure you use pre-shaving oil before you take a razor to your face. Baby oil is a cheap option. Next, tidy up your brows. A good way to sharpen your eyebrows is to take some tweezers and a pencil. Place your pencil at the bridge of your nose and hold it vertically. The spot where the pencil ends should be where your eyebrow also ends. Pluck any hairs that stray past your pencil border.

In our lives, we will probably spend more time with our colleagues than we spend with our mates. So you have to love your job. If you?re unhappy at work assess the situation and try to come up with a solution. Make a list of all the things you like about work and then another list of things that you dislike. If your likes column outweighs your dislikes then it?s great news. All you need to do now is tackle the areas you hate. If you don?t like the people you work with see if a transfer is available, either to a new location or a different department. If you don?t like certain tasks then arrange a meeting with your boss and explain how you feel that the tasks you dislike are not your strong points and suggest that you should spend more time doing those things you excel at. If your dislikes column is longer than your likes, then it?s time to search for something new. You can visit a careers adviser or even consider starting up your own business.

If you eat healthily, you will undoubtedly feel healthy too. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to know what it is you should and should not be eating. The best rule to use when you are trying to eat healthily is to prepare everything yourself.  That way you know what is going onto your plate and you can control your portion sizes. If you struggle to make your own meals because you lack time then make big batches of food at once. You can knock up a healthy chicken and bean filling in 25 minutes and store it in a plastic box in the fridge. Then all you need to do is add this some whole meal wraps for a low fat and filling meal. If you struggle to make your own meals because you lack the skills invest in one or two simple cooking lessons ? you?ll be surprised what you can do.

Money, money, money; we could all do with some more of the stuff but getting your hands on it can seem impossible at times. Rather than getting more a great way to bolster your budget is to try and cut back on what you spend it on. Take out your bank statements and work out the five things you spend the most money on. Is it travel, your rent, or nights out? Now you?ve worked out where you spend your money try to think of ways to reduce the cost. So, if you spend a small fortune on rent can you re-locate to somewhere cheaper or get a roommate? If your car guzzles all of your funds could you downsize, change insurer or use public transport. A great way to save a lot of money is to cancel gym memberships and invest in some kettle bells, a skipping rope and some resistance bands. You can do a lot of great workouts with this kind of cheap and simple equipment and save at the same time. Plus you can do these workouts in front of the TV. 

Looking like an action man doll isn?t an option for most of us, but being happy with the way you look is. Start to take a more active approach to life. If there?s an option to climb the stairs or take an elevator, take the stairs. Try to walk around at least once an hour; even if it?s just a cheeky trip to the gents. Moving around regularly will raise your metabolic rate and help with your circulation. Humans weren?t built to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. You could also buy some gym equipment and keep it in your living room. That way, when you watch TV you can work out whilst watching the show or just during the ad breaks. If you?re on a budget and can?t afford equipment get creative. Make your own sandbag or pea shingle bag as an alternative to weights or kettle bells. Use a chair for dips and you can work your abs by just doing the plank. 

We?re not talking about superpowers ? although admittedly we all want to be able to do telekinesis ? we?re talking about the state of your mind. Ever heard the theory that people who think of themselves as lucky people actually have more fortune than those who think of themselves as unlucky? The mind is powerful and therefore having a good, optimistic attitude is bound to have a positive impact. The trick to achieving this smiley state is to keep busy; don?t dwell on the past, but focus on what could be. Volunteering and helping others is another way to make life seem more fulfilling. Sometimes negative thinking also becomes a habit; a rut you can?t climb out of.  To break it, become more aware of yourself. You could keep a grumbling journal and log how many times a day you moan.

Where would superman have been without his Lois Lane? We may never admit it, but every guy needs a girl and if you?ve been flying solo for too long, or are unhappy with your current lady, it?s time to start addressing the issue. The biggest obstacle to finding Miss Right is often you. Are you in a good place? Can you handle the ups and the downs of a romantic relationship? If the answer is no, then think twice before you pursue anyone. It will only end badly. The second obstacle is finding your wonder woman. Sometimes it feels like all the decent women are hiding somewhere far, far away. To find Miss Right be open-minded. Chat to strangers and consider girls you may not normally date. Parks and coffee shops are great places to meet girls.

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