Check This Craze For Gas and Petrol Station

Wall Street?s newest doomsday prediction: $5-a-gallon of gas this summer
Wall Street?s newest doomsday prediction: $5-a-gallon of gas this summer

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

The Building of Gas refilling stations and petrol stations close to residential areas has become popular in Accra and other towns in Ghana currently. Against expert advice on how to run the stations, one such gas station has caught fire near residential areas of Dansoman Estates in Accra claiming one life and injuries to some people .

Wall Street?s newest doomsday prediction: $5-a-gallon of gas this summer
Wall Street?s newest doomsday prediction: $5-a-gallon of gas this summer

This singular occurrence (and many like it) has led to the closure of the gas sales station by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) until an investigation is conducted into the matter. Meanwhile the NPA has ordered the evacuation of the residual gas from the storage tank. The gas station in question is not the only one sited close to residential areas in the cities and towns in Ghana. Currently we are experiencing petro and gas station craze in most parts of Accra and other major cities in Ghana. The speed with which all manner of persons are building petrol stations indicates that it is seen as the latest money making venture. The over concentration on petro and gas stations littered close to each other reminds us of the times when Ghanaians invested in Communication Centers, Forex Bureaus? and Internet Cafes. Today only a few of these businesses have survived. The over concentration of petrol stations means that other productive areas of our economy like agriculture and manufacturing areas are being neglected causing increase in unemployment. The danger in us concentrating on petrol stations is that very soon all available plots of land close to our major roads will be covered by petrol stations. These stations will pose a danger to the residential buildings close to them. At the same time when the business of petrol stations go down many of the stations will either close down or exist in name as being experienced in other nations like Nigeria and other west African nations. The Environmental Protection Agency which has been charged with the reasonability of helping Ghanaians to cite buildings in the right places must be up and doing . From now on you must put your feet down to avoid any calamity in future

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