Toosweet Annan

Many celebrities have evolved over these years but only a few can match the prowess of Ghanaian’s finest and eminent actor, TOOSWEET ANNAN.

The award winning actor and now model, who just played a vital role in the recent premiered movie “HAPPILY (N) EVER AFTER” is once again set to stun his audience in his new classy photo shoot (below). On sight, he leaves his female fans in the WOW stance, staring hopelessly.

The actor has starred in numerous movies in the likes of “Royal Diadem, “circle of trust”, “The Supremo”, “Living With Trisha”(tv series) etc. – TOOSWEET the ladies’ man!! It is true celebrities are trendsetters yet TOOSWEET ANNAN is always on the extra dose. He is not a “NEW GUY” but the “CLASSIC MAN” in suit and tie!



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