Cherryfield Montessori School observes 2023 Traditional Day

Cherryfield ‎montessori School

A rich and vibrant display of Ghana’s culture and tradition was exhibited by pupils of the Cherryfield ‎Montessori School (CMS).

This came to light during the Traditional Day Celebration organised by the management of Cherryfield Montessori School located at Pokuase-ACP Junction within the GA West Municipal Assembly.

The teachers and the pupils wore outfits from their region of origin whilst showcasing the rich culture of Ghana as part of the day.

The day was a colourful display of various cultural paraphernalia, artifacts, music, choreography, and poetry recitals.

Chief Executive Officer of Cherryfield Montessori School, Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu noted that the school was established to provide an excellent education for children in the Pokuase catchment areas and Ghana as a whole.

According to her, apart from scoring excellence in Religious and moral education in BECE examinations, focus on learning culture and traditions prevent the influx of foreign cultures which is gradually relegating the Ghanaian culture to the background.

“Traditional Day Celebration is one of the programmes on our academic calendar. This meant to create awareness about where we come from as people. Most of us belong to different ethnic groups and regions.

This year, we decided to focus on naming ceremonies in four regions of Ghana in the Ewe, Akan, GA, and Northern parts of Ghana.

This is to help pupils to understand that the country Ghana has traditions that should not be swept under the carpet or left in oblivion”, Dzifa Adzanu noted.

Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu charged heads of schools to pay attention to the teaching and learning of the Ghanaian culture and traditions to help obtain good grades at BECE examinations.

Applying best practices in basic school pedagogy, the educational system is a fusion of Montessori and traditional models.

This system has yielded great results for students as they continue to exhibit impressive academic and all-around abilities.

For Madam Dzifa Adzanu, the school provided education in an environment of high moral, and ethical standards, and discipline, as demonstrated in the school’s vision.

Human Resource Personnel at GA North Municipal Assembly who was the Guest Speaker of the Traditional Day Celebration Mrs. Sarah Tagoe urged directors and managers of basic schools to make teaching and learning of Ghana’s indigenous culture and traditions a priority.

According to her, teachings about integral parts of Ghanaian culture and traditions will inculcate good habits of truthfulness, honesty, integrity, and loyalty in students.

Mrs. Sarah Tagoe said teaching the Ghanaian indigenous culture and traditions promotes hard work among Ghanaians, particularly in the Akan communities where a cutlass is given to children during outdooring.

“I must say I’m really impressed with the performances and the quality of information each group delivered.

Every group was on point in their game. The students answer questions about culture and traditions during BECE,” she stated.

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