Cherryfield Montessori School wins 2022 GA West Municipal BSTEM Quiz Competition

Cherryfield Montessori School
Cherryfield Montessori School

Chief Executive Officer of Cherryfield Montessori School Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu has called on the Education Minister and the book runners of Ghana Education Service (GES) to immediately institute and scale up investments in the National Science and Maths Quiz Competition for students at the Junior High School level.

According to her, the study of Science and Maths at the JHS level remains the bedrock of Ghana’s education, capable of enhancing the problem-solving skills of students.

Cherryfield Montessori School earned bragging rights after winning the 2021 and 2022 GA West Municipal BSTEM Quiz Competitions in a nail-biting contest. The reigning Champions, Cherryfield Montessori School polled 70 marks as against closest contender St. Joseph JHS “2 garnered 45 marks.

Speaking after Cherryfield Montessori School won the 2022 GA West Municipal BSTEM Quiz Competition, Chief Executive Officer Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu said a lot more intellectual exercises will be conducted by Cherryfield Montessori School authorities to improve academic performance.

Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu maintained that hard work, supervision, and using the right academic materials for the competition gave them the necessary opportunity and advantage to topple their opponents to win the trophy for the second time.

On her part, Cherryfield Montessori School Contestant Lawrencia Amankwaa says she looks forward to taking up careers in the medical field.

Chief Executive of Cherryfield Montessori School, the reigning Champions of both 2021 and 2022 GA West Municipal BSTEM Quiz Competition Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu called on the government to invest heavily in Science, Mathematics, and ICT at the Junior High School level in order for students to be versatile at the foundation stage before entering Senior High School.

According to her, the investments made at the Junior High level and knowledge acquisition would enable the students to be adequately well-informed on Science, Maths, Engineering, and ICT to fully participate and Excel in the crucial National Science and Maths Quiz competition without fear or favour.

She noted that, though sustainability is key, management rather prefers to improve on teaching and learning abilities of students that can ensure quality than to sustain the position which adversely affects progress.

“So we are going to continue to use our state-of-the-art facilities to improve on the teaching and learning to have more practical work to beef up the school’s laboratory and to invite resource personnel to offer in-service training for all the teachers to equip them in other to allow the schools to win, bring victory or be in the competition at all time”, she noted.

Madam Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu again pointed out that BSTEM education remains very important because it develops the minds and brains of students and also helps in solving problems rather than creating problems that will have a positive effect on their lives in the near future.

She, therefore, advised other CEOs in various schools as well as teachers to motivate and encourage their students to make Science, Maths, and ICT their priority subjects as it develops their minds and enhances the mental faculties that lead to national development.

She urged the Education Minister, Dr. Yaw Adutwum to take a second look at the Junior  Quiz STEM Competition that takes place every year in the municipality and give it recognition because that will make the students well-informed on such subjects before advancing to the Senior High School level.

“The students must be given the opportunity to make Science, Maths, and ICT their priority subjects from the foundation stage to help them become potential candidates for the same quiz competition at the Senior High”, she added.

Meanwhile, GA West GES Pre-tertiary Coordinator Ophelia Matanawui has charged Parents-Teachers Associations to inculcate teaching and learning of ICT, Science, and Maths in their wards at the Pre-tertiary level to complement the government’s efforts to meet SDGs.

Contributing to the debate, GA West Municipal GES Pre-tertiary Coordinator Ophelia Matanawui was optimistic that the quiz competition will receive recognition nationwide when it received the needed government attention and support.

She, therefore, encouraged Parents, Guardians, and teachers to include the programme at the circuit level or in the community to create the necessary awareness that will enable students to be interested in the subjects like Science, Maths and participate in the competition as well.

“Some Parents normally participate in the competition which set as an encouragement for their wards to improve their learning skills and abilities before, during, and after the competition. GES in the municipality is working to make the competition more relevant, accessible, and important for every student at the pre-tertiary level to participate at any given time”, she noted.

She argued that, since the Basic Strategic Plan under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) empowers students at the Basic level to be knowledgeable in Science, Maths, and Technology, the Education Directorate in the municipality has taken the initiative to help or support students focus more on those subjects before advancing to Senior High.

Cherryfield Montessori School Contestant Lawrencia Amankwaa was very optimistic about winning the competition based on the hard work, determination, and effort the team exhibited before and during the competition which enable them to successfully hold ground against opponents.

The student, who is aspiring to become a Medical Doctor debunked claims of winning the competition through a competitive advantage over their opponents but rather through hard work, sleepless nights, and determination from both team and teachers.

“It’s not because we are from International Schools and our opponents are from government schools, I think if you work hard and determined, you can achieve your aim”, she noted.

Other contestants of the quiz competition include Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom who placed 4th position with 40 points, Achiaman M/A Basic School placed 3rd position with 42 points and St. Joseph JHS placed 2nd position with 45 points respectively.

The overall winner of the competition, Cherryfield Montessori School took the lead from the first round and maintained that position throughout and closed the competition with 70 points at the end to be crowned the Best in Science, Maths, and ICT for the second time in the municipality.

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