Chief calls for more support for Ashaiman Divisional Police Command.

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The Regent of Ashaiman, Nii Annang Adzor, has called for massive support to enable the Ashaiman Divisional Police Command to work effectively.

Security is crucial in protecting lives and properties. Ghana continues to enjoy security day in and day out, all because of the proper mechanisms put in place by the Police Administration and other Security Institutions in the country.

Speaking on last year’s donation and inspection of a double-cabin Toyota Hilux pickup vehicle and four APSONIC motorbikes worth GH104,000.00 in Ashaiman on January 18, 2023, the Regent called for a collaborative agenda aimed at supporting the police service in whatever way possible.

According to him, the role played by police officers in Ashaiman and, by extension, Ghana is par excellence. He opined that it is incumbent on citizens to support the police in the fight against crime at all times.

The Nii Annan Adzor Foundation and a group of businessmen within the Ashaiman Municipality last year donated a double-cabin Toyota Hilux pickup vehicle and four APSONIC motorbikes worth GH104,000 to enhance police visibility in Ashaiman and beyond. The gesture was to assist the Ashaiman Divisional Police Command in operating effectively without any form of hindrance whatsoever.

As part of efforts to ensure that maintenance culture is held in high regard, the double-cabin Toyota Hilux pickup and four APSONIC motorcycles were inspected on January 18, 2023.

Nii Adzor stated that the inspection was a step in the right direction, saying it will help find out some of the things the police might need in the months ahead. He said that when donations are done, they should not end there, as a constant monitoring mechanism will aid in the longevity of the items donated.

“As we follow up to inspect the vehicles, we gave to Ashaiman Divisional Police Command and the motorbikes, we will be accurately informed on the true state of affairs.” This gift was made in December of 2021.”It’s been a year, so following up to see the conditions of the cars and the motorbikes was a good experience, and I must commend the Ashaiman Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Adu Kwadwo Baidu, for seeing to the proper maintenance of the pickup and the motorbikes,” he observed.

The Regent also stated that the country is currently in difficult times and that the government cannot possibly meet all of the country’s developmental needs. He noted that the citizenry must assist in helping build a prosperous nation for all of us.

“We know that the government cannot do it all alone.” It is, therefore, incumbent on us as citizens to help the government by augmenting their efforts to bring security to the doorsteps of the citizenry. “We as citizens have it as our civil responsibility to contribute to the success stories of the police service, thereby motivating them to serve us better,” he stated.

Nii Adzor went on to say that we sometimes hear in the news about robberies and the police allegedly being late due to vehicle breakdowns, inadequate vehicles and motorbikes for their operations, and other equally important logistical needs.

“I would want to stress that government alone cannot do it.” In areas where the roads are impassable, the bikes must be there to serve the security needs of the people. This will help in the fight against crime because logistics issues will be addressed, he assured.
Enemy factor

He touched on the fact that everyone is part of the government and that the police are not our enemies. According to him, some people have certain perceptions about the police service that do not augur well for their key functions of prevention and detention of crime, apprehension, and prosecution of offenders, maintenance of law and order, and protection of life and property, among others. He expressed worry about such behaviors and urged the individuals behind them to put a stop to them.

“It is rather unfortunate that a cross-section of the public sees the police as their enemy. This behavior shouldn’t be tolerated in any form. We are one people with a common destiny, and any activity that can divide and cause us pain must be uprooted. The police officers are within our communities to maintain law and order. So, we should open up and assist them to do their duty effectively, devoid of the usual name-calling. “By doing that, we’ll be able to know whether they are good people or not,” he encouraged.

Community engagement
Nii Adzor stressed the need for community engagement to educate people about the operations of the police. According to him, the public’s negative perception of the service can be reversed if proper education on their role in the community is provided.

“I implore the police service as a matter of urgency to organize community engagement for the purposes of educating the public on the dos and don’ts of civilians and officers. That way, the public will feel free to engage the police more when they sense criminal activity in their area.

“This can also create awareness and a congenial atmosphere for civilians and officers to come together in combating crime,” he announced.

To this end, I urge all Ghanaians across the length and breadth of the country to contribute their quota to national development by supporting the Ghana Police Service, especially the Ashaiman Division,” he appealed.
Role of the Ashaiman Divisional Commander

It must be noted that the Ashaiman Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Adu Kwadwo Baidu, has played an instrumental role in seeing to the proper maintenance work on all motorbikes and the Toyota Hilux pickup. It is without a doubt that Chief Superintendent Adu is a gem who understands the need for proper maintenance work to help accelerate development and, by extension, assist in combating crime rates in Ashaiman and beyond.

Chief Superintendent Adu thanked the Regent of Ashaiman, Nii Annang Adzor, for the gesture a year ago and for making efforts to inspect as a way of helping the police in their fight against crime.

“I believe the gesture has been helpful in the fight against crime in this division. “We are thankful to the Regent, Nii Annang Adzor, for thinking about the security needs of Ashaiman and donating to that effect exactly a year ago,” he recalled.

He further assured the people of Ashaiman of his commitment to maintaining peace and order in the Municipality.

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