Chief Director Raises Concerns about Ghanaian Cultural Heritage

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Cultural Heritage

Mr. Andrews Okumah Nawil, the Chief Director of the Bono Regional Coordinating Council, recently voiced his worries about the potential loss of Ghanaian cultural practices and values.

He emphasized the urgent need for action to prevent a cultural crisis and stressed the importance of preserving and safeguarding our cultural heritage for the betterment of society.

During a stakeholder consultation meeting in Sunyani, Mr. Nawil highlighted the crucial role of the national culture policy. “This policy will provide clear guidelines to encourage collaboration among chiefs and people from all ethnic groups, enabling them to utilize our cultural heritage to address fundamental needs and challenges, ultimately improving the quality of life for present and future generations”.

Mr. Nawil expressed his concerns about the fading presence of Ghanaian culture, which traditionally embodies love, unity, social conduct, and respect for authority and the elderly.

He noted that foreign cultural beliefs and practices are gaining popularity among the youth, further endangering our cultural identity.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture to review the 2004 Ghana Culture Policy.

Mr. Nawil emphasized the need for this review to strengthen the culture sector and ensure that Ghanaian culture flourishes as a source of pride, creativity, and economic vitality.

In today’s diverse and technology-driven world, Mr. Nawil stressed the importance of leveraging Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) as a bridge to connect different aspects of society, fostering understanding and harmony while preserving our cultural richness.

Mr. Divine Owusu-Ansah, the Deputy Director for Arts and Culture at the Ministry, emphasized the need to combat misconceptions about culture.

He called for the implementation of new strategies and policies that promote culture in a positive light, recognizing its impact on identity and national development.

Mr. Owusu-Ansah acknowledged the foundation laid by the 2004 Culture Policy in preserving cultural heritage but urged stakeholders to enhance existing policies to meet the evolving needs of Ghanaian society.

The workshop brought together representatives from various ministries, agencies, media, academia, and the creative arts industry in the Bono region.

The review committee, chaired by Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng, was inaugurated on August 22, 2023, with the aim of revising Ghana’s Cultural Policy from 2004.

Nana Apenteng described this process as a journey of reflection and renewal that has the potential to shape our cultural landscape. The finalized policy is expected to serve as a blueprint for promoting Ghanaian culture in national development.

Madam Josephine Ohene-Osei, Director of Arts and Culture at the Ministry, acknowledged the challenging path toward a national culture policy.

She expressed hope for a policy that all Ghanaians can take pride in as ongoing consultations progress towards a comprehensive culture policy.

Participants actively shared their experiences and suggestions during the workshop, contributing to this important endeavor.

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