Ghana’s Chief Justice Georgina Wood

Chief Justice of Ghana, Mrs Georgina Wood has called on Kenyans to have confidence in their new constitution and not to be in a hurry to amend it until it is fully implemented.

According to the Nairobi Star news report February 2, 2012, Mrs Wood said the constitution of Kenya could not be free of error because it was made by human beings,but it is possible to make amendments once it is fully in place.

Georgina Wood who is in Kenya to oversee the vetting of their judges and magistrates following requests by the judges said the country’s citizens should emulate Ghana which took 20 years to make amendments to their constitution.

“It took 20 years for Ghana to begin amendments of their constitution, we came forward and involved public all over the country seeking views on the areas that required amendments and Kenyans can follow suit,” the report quoted Georgina Wood as saying.

She added that there must be loopholes in the new constitution but focusing on them now would easily create conflicts which were not necessary as they would be a hindrance in the development of the nation, the Nairobi Star reports.

“Those who made the constitution are human beings, and cannot put in place all the people’s demands and needs,” she said.

By Ekow Quandzie/

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