Nene Kwaku Darpoh I, Chief of Dawhenya, in the Greater Accra Region has cautioned the public against buying land in Miotso and Ladoku from unauthorized persons.

Nene Darpoh in a press statement made available to the Ghana News Agency, said some persons belonging to his family, Arden and Darpoh Family of Dawhenya were illegally selling lands to unsuspecting people and issuing them with fake documents.

“I am by this notice warning members of the general public to desist from dealing with one Faradey Martey Arden and Isaac Botwe Arden,” he indicated.

He added that the two persons through false representations had engaged in the indiscriminate and illegal sale of family lands even though the family has warned them to desist from that.

Nene Darpoh stated that “I am by this notice asking them to stop holding themselves out as the acting heads of the Arden Darpoh Family of Dawhenya particularly Faradey Martey Arden”.

He stressed that the public must directly transact land business with him and his principal elders, adding that anyone who dealt with the two persons were doing so at their own peril.

The Dawhenya Chief also debunked an assertion from the Numo Awuley Kwao Family of Miotso that his family did not have ownership rights over the lands in Miotso and Ladoku.

According to him, the Numo Awuley Kwao family had no judgement in its favour against his family over the said land as being published by them in the media.

He explained that the High Court’s ruling that was quoted by the other family to back their claims, did not hold as according to him, “the High Court refused to enter judgement in favour of the Awuley Kwao Family as regards the instant land”, adding that “as the Supreme Court observed on appeal in Civil Appeal No: JA/38/2015 that there was never any issue set down for trail between the two families at the High Court for it to be resolved by any court in either of the parties favour”.

Nene Darpoh also debunked accusations of his family members entering the said land with disregard to the court stating that they were law abiding and a peace loving family therefore “the misrepresentation being spewed by the Awuley Kwao family in the press as regards ownership of those lands should therefore be disregarded”.



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