Chiefs in Banu Traditional Area in the Sissala East Municipality are considering a ban on sale of alcoholic beverages due to its excessive abuse by young men and women who have become addicted, jeopardising their health.

The Paramount Chief of Banu, Pio Alhaji Sumaila Yakubu, who made the announcement during the Fakuri Festival at Banu, said their sons and daughters gifted with all the energies and strength to contribute to national development had become “enslaved to alcoholic drinks”.

He added: “Young people, especially the youth consume alcohol and involve themselves in certain vices in the communities, this is popular and pronounced”.

The Assembly Member for the Area, Mr Sumaila Batiadan Mahamud told the Ghana News Agency, “The young people in this area consume alcohol in excess and remain at the [drinking] spots where alcohol is sold all day, taking away everything from them”.

According to him, young people often engage in alcohol consumption spree, but fail to participate in decision-making processes like meetings and communal activities to help community growth and development.

“Working for themselves even become difficult, which some end up wasting away,” he added, “Women in the area are also involved in the consumption and abuse of alcohol”.

Mr Sumaila said he had facilitated for health personnel go round a couple of times to educate young people about the dangers involved in alcohol abuse, particularly its debilitating harm on health, but little change had been recorded or seen.

Sales of hard liquor is a popular and booming business in the traditional area, where the terms of buy and selling is usually the barter system, where drinks are exchanged for grains and other food items.

The community leaders want the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to monitor and regulate the quality of alcoholic beverages sold to the community.

While, awaiting decisive action by the FDA, members of the traditional authority are, in the interim, considering taking action early enough to safeguard the future of the youth.


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