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Madam Avis Adjacodjoe, a Science Fellow Lead for Ghana has reiterated the call on parents to invest in their children’s development because the success of the nation’s future was in their hands.

“When we neglect creating a better future for our children and they grow up, they would be forced to do anything to survive on their own and this may include involving themselves in crime or social vices,” she said.

Madam Avis Adjacodjoe was speaking at the International Children’s Day celebration at Ave Afiadenyigba in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region.

It was to create awareness on the 30 days book drive project for Ave Afiadenyigba Library.

Madam Adjacodjoe asked government to stop concentrating on literacy development in urban areas and direct some attention to the rural areas because more work was left undone in children education in rural communities.

Mr Victor Annani, Maths Fellow Lead for Ghana, also asked parents to try their best to provide the basic school materials for their children.

“You cannot wake up every day and be pushing you children to school when you have not bought a book for the child.

The teachers are not magicians to get the books for the children to work with. It is your responsibility to provide the child with books and other school materials.

Some Children stay in the class the whole term without an exercise book. This kind of child would not realise the interesting aspect of education”.

Lead is a non-governmental organisation focused on expanding educational opportunities to all children in Ghana through the provision of mentorship programmes and literacy empowerment.

The 30 days book drive project is part of Lead for Ghana’s Project to solicit for books to furnish the library built by Lead for Ghana.

The project, started from November 1st 2019 will end on November 30, 2019.


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