The preponderance ?of fun in taking a journey through the memory lane is overwhelming and every one of us probably had a very funny childhood life that can cause us to giggle any time it comes to mind .It quite amazing how modernity and technology has cause a paradigm shift in the life style of typical Ghanaian child to a more computer life style.
? ?Today, I would like to put the gear of our memory into reverse mode so we can refresh our minds on some wonderful and thrilling childhood life we experienced. Before the advent of computer games, digital television stations and the proliferation of audio gadgets, the typical Ghanaian child in his own ingenuity and culture has an alternate games and tools that he used to entertain himself and it was the best moment of my life .Fasten your seat belt and let me tell you why children of our generation had a better days than the computer age children
? ?Do you remember those days when we went to school, lined up and the headmaster and teachers inspect our nail, teeth and uniform and later match to our classes? Do you remember when we used to buy rice or “wakye” wrapped in leaf and we eat it like the best food ever prepared by a top chef?
? ?I still remember those days when 200 old cedis was enough for every child of my generation. When groundnut was 100 cedis and Choc? Milo was 500 cedis. What about the days we used to buy Ice creams in cups with chewing stick or palm sticks in them. I know this will remind you of Poki Ice cream ? ? ? ? ?,”Alewa toffee” ,black and white toffee “Nkate Cake” etc. hmmm!!! The days of Maame and Paapa play, Police and thief games .Oh!! What a fun we had.
? ? ? ?Days when we use to build houses with wet sand, urinate in sand to make a pot, do you still remember “change your style”, “be like that”, playing ?”Alansa” seed into holes,”Alikoto” “Chaskele” etc. The children of my generation really enjoyed , and those that fell within the soccer realm entertained their selves with socks balls, and case 5 balls. I still remember 4 corners.Oh! My God what a nostalgic feeling.
Those days we use to fly kites with our cloth, those days when the common advert on GTV the only station in the country by then was BENJILOO!!! And every child could sing the song like a national anthem. Days when power rangers,spider man,Hercules ,by the fire side, journey to the west, Captain planet were our favourite on GTV.
? ? ? Jackie Chan,Rambo,Drinking master, Equilizer 200 were our favourite movies. Don’t laugh, because I am still going to take you down to the era of Akan,Ga,Ewe and Dagbani drama. The days when every child hate “talking point”( a popular program on GTV) ?because they always want to put us to sleep before Akan drama.The days when GTV was the only Television station in Ghana and they show the rainbow colours ?for 30 minutes ?then the national anthem before resume program at?4 pm?and close at exactly?12 am.
? ? ? ?The girl child of my generation had her fair share of the fun we had, do you remember when lines were drawn on the floor and we will stand at a distance to throw a marble or piece of stone directed within the drawn line. Do you still remember the name? It was called ? ? ? “Tuun-matu”.This I called a pure African monopoly, becaue if you succeed in throwing the marble within the drawn line, you do a series of jumping and capture a portion of the line drawn.
? ? Awww!! I can?t forget era of “Kptinge”,”Dikos” and “chem- per”.This “chem-per” thought us how to be vigilant and alert always .those who fell victim to forgetfulness always had their food share with their friends. Stop laughing because I am still taking you down. Do you remember ?the days when we tagged beautiful girls in our class rooms as our girl friends but never approached them, and any time we see them playing with other boys we get annoyed. lol!! But this was the life of the hardcore boys of my type. The dull boys of ?my time always cry and throw stones any time you refer to them as somebody?s husband.
?How can I forget of how children of my generation enjoyed when it was Christmas.the bamboo and the “cabbard”, the matches and the pipe popularly known as the ?adjus pipe? they made more noise than ?the current fire crackers we have now.It is ?still fresh in my mind when our parent use to measure our foot with a stick of broom when they want to buy us shoes in town.
? ? ? ? ? ? Yes!! ?Do you remember ?the days of Trade fair? It was a popular joint for us especially those of us born in Accra. The fun we had in trade fair with our cotton Ice cream in those days was more enjoyable than fried rice and you cant compare the fun our children are having in Accra Mall to what we had in trade fair, the fascinating aspect of it is the names that are associated to their advertising, example INDOTECH 1999,EDUTECH 2000 ect.. Lol!
Seriously my childhood life as African Child was more memorable one.If you are not smiling then certainly you were not part of my generation. Thank You.
Mohammed Mustapha?
The One Legacy Again
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