Children suffering from eye deviation have low self-esteem – Dr. Oben-Nyarko

Eye Screening Funsi
Eye Screening Funsi

Dr. Kwame Oben-Nyarko, the Public Relations Officer, Ghana Optometric Association (GOA), said children suffering from a deviation of the eye (strabismus) lack self-esteem, which prevents them from engaging in some activities at school.

He said the causes of eye misalignment, also known as lazy eyes, are various and sometimes unknown.

The potential causes include high farsightedness, thyroid eye disease, cataract, eye injuries, myasthenia gravis, cranial nerve palsies, and brain or birth problems in some patients.

Dr Oben-Nyarko noted that the condition prevented the child from associating with others and limited his or her ability to participate in activities with peers even when given the opportunity.

He said this at the joint platform of the Ghana News Agency and GOA in Tema, dubbed: “GNA-GOA My Eyes! My Vision!” to promote vision health.

It also challenges the public and policymakers to focus on vision as a health issue as it forms a critical component of mankind’s well-being but often neglected.

Speaking on “Red alerts among kids with eye conditions,” Dr Oben-Nyarko said the treatment for strabismus may include eyeglasses, prisms, vision therapy, or eye muscle surgery.
He said contact lenses could be used to correct problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism that result in lazy eyes.

“If detected and treated early, strabismus can often be corrected with excellent results. People with the condition have several treatment options to improve eye alignment and coordination”.
He, therefore, advised parents and guardians to pay attention and look out for certain danger signs among children to ensure treatment at the early stages.

Dr Oben-Nyarko, also the CEO of Third Eyecare and Vision, said: “We must watch out for signals that may indicate that the child has a potential eye problem, then we must consult a qualified optometrist or eye specialist for treatment”.

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