Children Will Die From Strange, Terrible Disease; Doctors Should Be On Alert – Rev. Faith Ami Amewonu

Rev. Faith Ami Amewonu
Rev. Faith Ami Amewonu

The Founder and Leader of the Calvary Cross Christ International Church, Reverend Faith Ami Amewonu has cautioned doctors around the globe to be vigilant as she has foreseen the emergence of a strange disease, which will hit the world starting from the United States. 

She says the disease has started hitting parts of Switzerland in Europe. 

According to her, the disease comes in the form of skin rashes and looks like chickenpox which may deceive doctors into thinking it is a normal disease which in fact is not. 

She stated that this was revealed to her by God. 

She added that rashes attacked faces and cheeks of the children. 

The doctors according to her treated the rashes as if they were chickenpox. In an interview with Accra based Hot FM, Reverend Faith Ami Amewonu asked doctors to recall all children treated with chickenpox for re-examination. 

“I saw that doctors neglected my warnings and subdued themselves into thinking that this virus is a mere chickenpox. It will be a global pandemic and many children will suffer and die from it,” she added.

She opined doctors not to take this form of sickness for granted since the revelation exposed doctors neglecting her warnings into the belief that it is a mere chickenpox.

“God revealed that doctors should not take this form of sickness for granted; it will kill the many children affected,” she said.

She revealed that this type of virus would endanger the health of these poor kids and would go a long way into making those affected disabled as it weakens their bones and in the long run, crippling them.“They will not be able to walk again and those who will be able to walk will not be able to walk properly,” she stressed.She indicated that, in her revelation, God instructed her to advise doctors to heed to her warnings and develop a treatment for this strange disease else, the world will go into a state of mourning as many children will die from the virus.

She therefore advised that the World Heath Organization and leaders around the world to be vigilant and develop a treatment which will be able to cure this disease before it gets out of hand.

“Doctors should take critical notice of children with such sickness and help develop a treatment for the virus,” she advised.

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