China donates equipment to Namibia to boost women empowerment

China has donated 110 sewing machines to Namibia to help boost women empowerment in the country.


Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xi Shunkang handed over 90 sewing machines to Namibia’s First Lady Monica Geingos Thursday at the State House in capital Windhoek.

On Friday, Xi also donated 20 sewing machines to the country’s gender and child welfare ministry.

When handing over the machines to the First Lady, the ambassador said China is always ready to work with Namibia to safeguard women’s rights and promote their economic and social status.

He said the government of Namibia is making efforts to eradicate poverty and improve lives.

“I have seen the efforts from every corner of the country to raise people’s awareness of women’s empowerment,” he said, adding that he hoped these machines can help create jobs in the country.

The ambassador also lauded Geingos for her efforts and support for women, children, people living with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

Geingos thanked China’s donation, saying that the sewing machines had come at an opportune moment as Namibia is busy mobilizing resources towards poverty eradication. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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