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China Mobile Anhui
China Mobile Anhui

Mobile World Congress 2022, themed by “Connectivity Unleashed”, was held from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain.

Echoing the idea of “Intelligence” of this year’s congress, China Mobile Anhui and Huawei iMaster MAE(MBB Automation Engine) jointly displayed their MBB intelligent O&M cases on the Autonomous Driving Network screen in Huawei’s Digital Operations Transformation exhibition booth.

With applications using intelligent algorithms, duplicate alarms are effectively reduced, and invalid cell fault alarms are reduced by 90%, invalid work orders decreased greatly, and O&M cost will be reduced. Many carriers and industry analysts across the world attended the exhibition.

It is known that a huge number of alarms are reported in routine O&M of wireless networks, among which many redundant alarms lead to invalid work order dispatches by the upper-layer system.

In addition, it is difficult to identify alarm correlations, as there are many alarm sources, alarms are interdependent, and network configurations are complex. As a result, fault locating is challenging, severely affecting troubleshooting efficiency and leading to high network OPEX.

To address the O&M challenges of wireless networks, China Mobile Anhui worked with Huawei iMaster MAE to explore wireless network fault management. By introducing intelligent algorithms, multi-dimensional association analysis, expert experience, and online user feedback, an innovative MBB intelligent O&M solution was launched.

This solution provides precise alarm noise reduction and intelligent fault association, efficiently identifies root causes, proactively predicts and prevents faults, and changes traditional alarm-based work order dispatching to incident-based work order dispatching. Since mid-2021, this solution has been put into commercial use on networks of China Mobile Anhui, and has yielded significant results.

  • Invalid work orders decreased. When alarms are reported, iMaster MAE analyzes existing alarms of NEs and automatically extracts appropriate toggling rules to merge alarms, significantly eliminating redundant alarms. The number of invalid cell fault alarms is reduced by 90%.In addition, traditional alarm-based work order dispatching is optimized to incident-based precise work order dispatching. Incident information is reported to the fault management system over the northbound standard interface so that work orders are precisely dispatched by scenario, reducing invalid work orders and site visits.
  • Network O&M cost reduced. A fault knowledge base is formed based on iterative learning of traditional troubleshooting experience. Knowledge graphs can be used to quickly identify root causes, improving troubleshooting efficiency. It is estimated to save O&M cost by about CNY 7.8 million after this solution is applied to more than 20,000 sites on the entire network. In addition, continuous learning using intelligent algorithms helps predict faults. The O&M mode is changed from passive response to proactive prevention, further enhancing network stability.

“The innovative intelligent alarm optimization solution jointly released by China Mobile Anhui and Huawei based on MBB intelligent O&M helps aggregate raw alarms into incidents and quickly identify network problems. One work order is dispatched for one incident, achieving L3 autonomous driving of wireless networks”, said by Liu Jingjing, a wireless maintenance expert in the network optimization center of China Mobile Anhui

MBB intelligent O&M provides networks with awareness, analysis, decision making and execution capabilities. This solution improves network O&M efficiency, ensures high network reliability, and empowers networks to run efficiently in the new era, significantly reducing the social impact of network interruptions due to network faults. China Mobile plans to achieve L4 autonomous network in 2025. China Mobile Anhui and Huawei iMaster MAE will continue exploring ways to build top autonomous networks in the 5G era and lead continuous transformation and upgrade of the communications

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