China, PNG witness expanded cooperation

This project received huge support from PNG’s health departments and people. An official from a local health department said that “Thank you China, and we can deeply feel the profound friendship of the Chinese”.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is an important cooperation partner of China among the Pacific island countries. It is also the first country in the region to sign the memorandum of understanding on Belt and Road cooperation.

China and PNG have witnessed continuously expanded cooperation in trade, investment, capacity and education in recent years, which will contribute to the sustainable development of PNG and also the common development of the Pacific island countries.

A 25-year-old man from PNG surnamed Paul has worked for a Chinese construction company for 6 years. He has a strong sentiment toward the Chinese engineering contractor – the PNG branch of China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), the first Chinese company of this kind to enter the PNG market.

“During this work, I learnt a lot from my Chinese colleagues who patiently taught me the techniques,” said Paul, adding that this was an important reason for him to stay in the company.

According to Zhou Wenjiang, deputy general manager of CRCC’s international division, the company has employed a total of nearly 6,000 local workers since it entered the PNG market in 2008. Many of the local workers working at the construction sites in PNG’s capital Port Moresby have worked for the CRCC, Zhou added.

These workers not only earned stable income, but also learnt professional skills at the CRRC which allow them a living security.

The CRCC has contracted 22 construction projects over the last decade in PNG, including the country’s largest general supermarket, the largest winery, the landmark office building in Port Moresby, as well as a hydro power station in Lae. These projects covered a total area of nearly 150,000 square meters with a contract value of over 1.5 billion yuan ($216 million).

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) recently renovated a 9-kilometer boulevard linking the Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport and the APEC Haus, the venue for APEC meetings. After renovation, the boulevard has taken on a new look, largely reducing time of commuting between the airport and the downtown.

General manager Wang Yanyu of CHEC (PNG) Ltd. told People’s Daily that the company has completed a series of projects including ports, roads, bridges, airports and housing, improving PNG’s infrastructure and promoting the country’s social development.

In addition, the company also actively takes social responsibility and conducts public service activities, doing what it can to help local groups in need, Wang noted.

“Chinese people are good brothers who offer us practical assistance,” a police officer surnamed Samuel told People’s Daily. He said that Chinese enterprises have implemented a number of innovative construction projects, and people in PNG can feel the sincerity of the Chinese to help improve their livelihood.

PNG, located in tropical area, is a victim of malaria. The disease has brought huge damage to local people both mentally and physically, as the underdeveloped health care capability, as well as the shortage of medical personnel and drugs in the country are unable to meet the medical need.

Fortunately, a demonstration project to help local people eradicate malaria was jointly carried out in the Kiriwina Island of Milne Bay Province by a medical team from China’s Guangdong province and PNG’s National Department of Health after a year of discussion. A local medical team of anti-malaria was also established thanks to the project.

“The Kiriwina Island covers an area of 450 square kilometers. We ran through every village there to send our medicines just to ensure the effectiveness of the project,” said Deng Changsheng, coordinator of the anti-malaria project at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Deng told People’s Daily that the average infection rate of malaria on the island dropped to 3 percent from 40 percent four months after the project was implemented. Besides, the Chinese side has trained 300 local anti-malaria personnel and carried out health education on the prevention of the disease, Deng added.

This project received huge support from PNG’s health departments and people. An official from a local health department said that “Thank you China, and we can deeply feel the profound friendship of the Chinese”.

(Source: People’s Daily)


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