Chinese group highlights on energy, green silk road

Silk Road economic forum
Silk Road economic forum

The Astana Expo 2017 will kick off on Saturday. The China pavilion will demonstrate the nation’s concepts and visions for the development of future energy, said Wang Jinzhen, deputy director of the organizing committee of the pavilion.

With the theme of “Future Energy, Green Silk Road”, the China pavilion consists of a lobby, an energy corridor, a theater themed with “future energy”, a smart energy zone as well as an exhibition area themed global mission and partnership, People’s Daily reporters paid a visit to the pavilion.

“As future energy will be an important carrier to solve energy crisis and promote sustainable development, China’s ideas and efforts in development, utilization and protection of the new energy will be highlighted when designing the pavilion,” Wang said.

“Likewise, the theme of ‘Green Silk Road’ is a deep interpretation of China’s concept for green development,” she added.

The energy corridor displays representative events and achievements in China’s energy development, such as Zheng He Treasure Ship, Daqing oil field, Qinshan and Dayawan nuclear power plants and the Three Gorges Dam, showcasing the evolvement from fossil energy to new energy.

In the “future energy” themed theatre, a movie centered on energy transformation will be screened, telling the story on how the main character looks for new energy and compensates for nature, showcasing China’s efforts to develop future energy.

Rashid Alimov, secretary-general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, said that the China pavilion will demonstrate first-class technologies in the world. China’s utilization of energy impresses the world and the country’s energy exploitation achievements should be respected, he added.

During its trial operation, the China pavilion offered visitors a feast of high technology, including a nuclear fusion reactor described as an “artificial sun” and Hualong One reactor.

Rapil Zhoshybayev, Kazakh first deputy foreign minister and government representative for the Astana Expo, noted that the China pavilion will present the most wonderful exhibits in this expo.

Kazakhstan is the country where Chinese President Xi Jinping first proposed the Silk Road Economic Belt. It is also an important partner to build the Belt and Road, and more importantly a major country to launch production capacity cooperation with China, Wang said.

Wang said that the expo is an important move to implement the consensus reached by heads of the two countries, as it is held after the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and in the year of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Kazakhstan.

China has sent an unprecedentedly number of enterprises, representatives from provinces and cities to participate in the expo, exceeding that to any other expos held in a foreign country.

During the three-month event, the pavilion will hold more than 200 trade and economic, cultural and tourism activities attended by more than 2,000 enterprises, including the Shanghai energy-themed exhibition, promotion of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and cultural relic exhibitions such as the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses.

All the activities will make the China pavilion a platform to promote Belt and Road cooperation and to enhance mutual understanding and exchanges.

By Zhao Cheng, Zhou Hanbo and Xie Yahong from People’s Daily/