Chinese medical team helps Rwandan woman have painless delivery

Chinese doctors and Ghanaian counterparts perform laparoscopic surgery in LEKMA hospital in Accra, capital of Ghana, June 29, 2022. The Chinese medical team in Ghana said Monday that they have achieved big progress in helping a local hospital improve its capacity of performing laparoscopic surgeries. (Xinhua)

Chinese doctors have performed a painless delivery to a 28-year-old mother at the Masaka Hospital in Masaka Sector in the suburbs of Kigali, the Rwandan capital.

Zhao Shangjun, chief of the Chinese medical team, told Xinhua in an interview Tuesday that the operation was the first case of painless delivery performed by them since they began their duties at the hospital in December. “We want to help these mothers give birth to their babies and try to alleviate their pain.”

According to him, unlike in China, painless deliveries are rare in Rwanda, and the Chinese medics will try to promote the use of epidural anesthesia technology to help pregnant women enjoy painless deliveries.

Epidural anesthesia is administered through an injection in the lower back of the mother and works by numbing the pelvic region while the mother remains conscious. The procedure allows her to remain still with her back arched and enables her to focus on the delivery while remaining relaxed throughout the delivery.

“We felt happy and proud after performing a painless delivery. The delivery process was very smooth and the mother didn’t feel any pain. She was comfortable and gave birth to a healthy baby boy,” Zhao said, noting that the mother named Clementine Uwimana was giving birth to a second child.

“She was satisfied with the process of a painless delivery and thanked the Chinese medical team for the smooth and comfortable operation that was pain-free,” Zhao said. “We are continuing to promote this technology, and more women will enjoy this process of painless delivery. We are here to help provide free medical care, and we shall also train local medics to perform painless delivery operations in the future.”

According to Sun Nan, an anesthesiologist and one member of the Chinese medical team, providing painless delivery to pregnant mothers is not difficult, and local anesthesiologists only need to learn how to do epidural technology instead of spinal.

“If the local anesthesiologists can master epidural technology, this will make the process of painless delivery much easier,” he added.

Over the years, Chinese doctors have treated local people, relieved their illnesses, exchanged ideas with Rwandan counterparts, and disseminated experience and technology. Enditem

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