National Museum Of Ethiopia
National Museum Of Ethiopia

Chinese visitors to the National Museum of Ethiopia is increasing, and the Museum is exploring ways of availing written information in Chinese language at the Museum, director of the national museum Ephrem Amare has said.

Situated in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, the National Museum of Ethiopia houses collection of precious heritages, including among others a human skeleton of a specimen of Australopithecus afarensis, named “Lucy”, which is believed to live about 3.2 million years ago.

Lucy, which is also known by ‘Dinknesh’ in Amharic language to literally mean ‘you are wonderful’, was discovered in 1974 in the northeastern part of Ethiopia.

Speaking to Xinhua on the International Museum Day marked every year on May 18, the director said the number of visitors is increasing from Asia in general and China in particular, for which the Museum is taking measures to cater for the Chinese visitors coming to the Museum by providing them with adequate information in Chinese language.

“The main visitors (to the Museum) currently are Asians, especially the Chinese visitors; so, it is increasing now; the number of visitors from China is increasing; they use some of their translators in fact, the interpreters, they come with them,” the director said.

Stating that information and captions are written in English and a local language at the Museum, Ephrem said the Museum is discussing with the Chinese Embassy the ways of making adequate information available at the Museum to the Chinese visitors in Chinese language.

“Currently, we are discussing with the embassy to translate it into Chinese because many Chinese visitors come to the National Museum; so, we try to make additional explanation and caption in Chinese. This is what we are discussing with the cultural office of Chinese Embassy,” he has said.

International Museum Day is marked every year aimed at creating a platform for raising public awareness on the role that museums play in the improvement of society on an international level.

The International Museum Day is annually marked with different themes, and this year the Day is celebrated under the theme, “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Traditions.”

Some of the visitors said the National Museum of Ethiopia has heritages including Lucy, which the rest of the world should come and see.

“We can see Lucy in reality, and we heard the information about her, much more about her. My message to the world is, if you want to know about the human race, if you want to know where you came from, where human species came from, this is Ethiopia, this Museum,” Susan Elisabeth Rowntree, a tourist from the UK has said. Enditem


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