The Chairperson of the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice Mrs Lauretta Lamptey has been removed from office by president John Mahama.



It follows a recommendation by the Chief Justice Committee set up to investigate abuse of office allegations against Mrs Lamptey.

A presidential staffer confirmed the removal to Wednesday evening. A full statement will be issued to that effect, the staffer added.

Minutes earlier, the Presidential Advisor on Corruption Daniel Bartidam told Joy FM’s Newsnite co-host Evans Mensah the “president has acted.”

When he was asked what the action was Mr Bartidam declined to give further information, except to hint that by tomorrow that decision will be made public.

He rebuffed claims the president delayed in taking a decision on the embattled chair.

According to him, the president acted according to law and followed due process spelt out in the constitution.


In August 2014, an abuse of office allegation was made against Mrs Lauretta Lamptey.

She was accused of expending  a whopping  $4,200 monthly hotel rent for 33 months as her accommodation bills.

Her official residence was at the time under renovation. After 33 months, her hotel bill alone amounted to $148,500, a figure said to be too huge for a Commission grossly underfunded and struggling to undertake its mandate as a result of lack of cash.

Her choice of residence and the cost involved angered many Ghanaians with three persons petitioning the president and the Chief Justice to have her investigated and removed. Only one of the petitions, that filed by Samson Lardy Anyenini on behalf of Richar Nyamah survived.

The Chief Justice after preliminary investigation into the petition established a prima  facie case against Mrs Lamptey and recommended that she be suspended.

She stepped aside pending thorough investigations into the claims made against her. The Chief Justice subsequently constituted a five-member committee chaired by Justice Anin-Yeboah to look into the matter.

After ten months of investigations the committee made its recommendations which was submitted to the president in September for action.

After almost 35 days the president acted and fired the embattled chair.



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