Church Of Our Lady Of Velankanni, Velankanni – A Divine Pilgrim Center


Velankanni is a beautiful small town in Tamil Nadu. It is the about 350 kilometers from Chennai and 14 kilometers from Nagapattinam.

During summer, the temperature rises up to 36 degrees Celsius and hot wind blows all over. Winters are usually cool and dry. Minimum temperature observed during winter is about 21 degrees Celsius. 

Educational Institutions in the town

There are many institutions and some of the major ones are our lady of health elementary school and infant Jesus primary school. Besides this, the government has established schools for deaf and dumb students.

Church of our Lady Velankanni

Velankanni has been the center of tourist attraction since many years.

It is believed that the church of Our Lady of Velankanni has fulfilled wishes and dream of many citizens. 

History of the church

According to the old belief, Jesus along with his mother Mary visited this place in the 16th century. Since then, it is considered as a holy place by the people. Individuals belonging to any cast, creed or religion can come and worship here. 

Beliefs associated with Mary

It is believed that Mary has promoted harmony in the state. The church has been gaining popularity from 16th or early 17th century. Mother Vailankanni is worshipped here for attaining good health.

People worship mother with dedication

Some people visit the place to thank Mother Mary, while some with hopes and dreams.

People come bare footed too. It is one of the famous churches in India. 

Since 16th century, there has been tremendous change in the transportation facility. With the introduction of more convenient mode of transports, traveling has become much easier.

Today, more pilgrims desire to visit this destination. This in turn has resulted in the expansion of small 24 feet by 12 feet church to 70 feet by 22 feet one. You could see two huge domes on each entrance of the church.

Other temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has many other exciting locations like Brihadishwara temple in Thanjavur, Airavateshwara temple in Darasuram, Shore Temple, Madurai, Meenakshi temple, Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Srirangam temple and many others

These temples are the symbol of culture, Indian religion, peace and purity. These are the huge pilgrim centers. Devotees come here to fulfill there wishes.

Organize a trip

You could ask the tour organizing companies to arrange a trip for your family. These companies charge less, but guarantee to make your trip a memorable one. You could reach here by rail, air or road according to your suitability.

How to reach the destination

It is advisable to travel by road if you are nearby. Nowadays, many luxurious buses are available, which makes travelling more comfortable. You could hire a bus or a car or a van. Journey by road is the most comfortable one.

You can either book bus tickets online or you can ask the tour operators to arrange the tickets for you. Purchasing bus tickets is a simple and convenient task and you can buy the online tickets without any hassle.

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