Churches in Kumasi pledge support for National Cathedral

Social Cathedral Conference
Social Cathedral Conference

The Kumasi Council of Christian Churches, an association of all churches and para-church organisations in the Ashanti Region, has pledged support for the National Cathedral Project.
“We believe in the vision of the National Cathedral, and its purpose for the nation,” Most Reverend Professor Daniel Yinkah Sarfo, Chairman of the Council, said.
Addressing a press conference in Kumasi, he said the Council also supported the partnership between the state and the Ghanaian Christian community as proposed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to undertake the project.
“Just as in the Bible and in Church history, the people of God funded such projects, so now the church must mobilize itself to raise funds to fund the project, we must take up the challenge,” he urged.
Most Rev. Prof Yinka Sarfo appealed to the heads of Churches in the Ashanti Region to mobilize the church through means that were comfortable with their particular tradition to raise funds for the project.
He expressed worry over the politicization of the construction of the cathedral, and asked whether the building of a cathedral was a blessing or curse.
“The irony of it is the fact that Muslims are supporting it.
It is rather people who call themselves Christians who are in the forefront kicking against it.
Per the records at the National Cathedral Secretariat, what the state had contributed as seed money to the construction was less than 10 per cent of the total cost.
The bulk of the contribution had so far come from Christians, the church and from the diaspora.
Our taxes have been used to construct the National Theatre, National Stadia among others, why not the National Cathedral,” he quizzed.

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