CIB Ghana holds 14th Induction and Graduation Ceremony

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CIB Ghana 14th Induction and Graduation Ceremony

The Chartered Institute of Bankers, (CIB ) Ghana recently hosted its 14th Induction and Graduation Ceremony in Accra, where a total of 156 individuals were formally inducted into the institute, while five distinguished individuals successfully graduated.

Commending the inductees for their unwavering commitment, Mr. Benjamin Amenumey FCIB, the President of CIB, Ghana emphasized that the essence of the banking profession goes beyond mere numerical transactions.

He highlighted the profession’s significance in shaping the aspirations of individuals and communities.

The overarching theme of the ceremony underscored the pivotal role of the banking profession as a trustworthy beacon and a catalyst for financial growth. Mr. Amenumey urged the inductees and graduands to adhere to ethical standards and uphold the highest levels of integrity, emphasizing that banking is a profession that enables positive impact, both on individuals and the nation’s economic aspirations.

He further urged the inductees and graduates not to lose sight of the human element in their profession, emphasizing the importance of treating clients with empathy and understanding to contribute to economic prosperity.

Addressing the graduates, and inductees, Mr. Amenumey encouraged them to be confident and well-prepared to excel in their careers. He underscored the instructive nature of their knowledge and skills, emphasizing that their qualifications serve as enablers for a more sustainable banking industry. He urged them to become advocates for values, using their expertise to drive positive change within the banking sector.

Acknowledging the ongoing transformations within the banking profession, Mr. Amenumey called upon the inductees and graduates to be adaptive and pioneers in reshaping the industry’s landscape. Upholding the highest standards of empathy and integrity, he stressed, is crucial for contributing to a more just and equitable society.

The CEO of the institute, Mr. Robert Dzato,  ACIB, advised the graduates and inductees to actively network and share ideas, emphasizing the institute’s role as a talent and leadership engine contributing significantly to human capital development.

Over the past four years, the institute has proudly graduated close to 800 bankers, with the most recent class of 161 graduates notable for its diversity—51 percent of whom are female. The age range of these graduates spans from the youngest at 24 to the eldest at 60.

Mr. Daniel Wilson Addo, FCIB, the Managing Director of Consolidated Bank Ghana, addressed the assembly, expressing concerns about the surge in banking fraud in 2021.

He urged bankers to scrutinize their ethics and professionalism, reminding them to adhere to the principles of the bankers’ creed to maintain the integrity of the profession.

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