Citizens Modern responsibilities on National Security must include Cameras


Citizens Should not Ignore their Modern Responsibilities On National Security:

We often hear ‘government cannot do it alone’, then urge the private sector or businesses, but Private Citizens were largely urged to report without evidence? This means tiring investigations, excuses, low charges, or no charges due to lack of evidence. The new age of cameras demand contrasting how much is government spending on cameras versus businesses, versus private Citizens. Once educated, many people can understand how cameras can deter crimes and help gather evidence for government to act and help build a safer nation. The opposition leaders and many of our Citizens in the Diaspora are eager to blame governments on security issues, but are they ignoring where they can certainly help our nation? Even our poor folks in the villages can invest on Cameras and reap the benefits, or find excuses and gamble to be victims? Let us not wait for each other or debate the limitations of cameras, instead let’s be pioneers , see where cameras can help as ignored or under utilized God’s blessings , and urge government where need be. Even the smallest country on mainland Africa, The Gambia, have the power to own or co-own a Camera factory, camera brand, or camera mega store for Africa+.

As Example, A big percentage of government buildings have limited or no security cameras. A modern security expert will certainly urge lot more cameras beyond government. Less than five percent of Gambians own security cameras and a big chunk of that is medium to big businesses, especially foreign owned businesses. Even our corner shops should be encouraged to own cameras or how many thousands worth of goods should you own before you consider cameras? The reality is cameras help protect people, not just goods. A much smaller percentage of Gambian homes have security cameras, but they can afford multiple satellite discs, multiple TVs, expensive clothes, smart phones, animals, etc. I am not dismissing the importance of such, but you should try to secure them before you keep adding. Your personal security also demand investment, or you may blame a government that is equally or less guilty than you are.

Whereas Government, 100% , owning a camera factory is less likely , any smart government can own a share and urge Citizens to invest in such, as partner. Again, using the Gambia as example , finding one to ten thousand businesses or Gambians in the Diaspora to invest at least one thousand dollars towards a camera factory or brand Is not hard. It means over million dollars and that can certainly kick start such a business. When it is successful, you get a more secure nation, some more thousands, or lose only how many hundreds, if it goes bankrupt because neighboring countries eventually copied us than keep buying from us? Pioneering and investing on research means an everlasting edge to sell worldwide.

Our opposition leaders should encourage Citizens, especially their fans in the Diaspora, to flood the country with cameras, including body cameras. All your party militants should have multiple body cameras, they can buy or pay through instalments . Beside blame, what have each party leader ever suggested on security for government versus citizens?

The limited phone Camera scenes on social media serve all of us, especially those in the Diaspora. However, body cameras will do much better job and our folks in the Diaspora are either blind or refusing to see the good in culture of cameras. The big names that sincerely care about the security of the nation must evolve from blaming the government and start helping the people, with at least availability. Call each other and form a respectable committee towards a NGO or private business on cameras. Again, the right pitch can easily have one thousand people invest thousand dollar or more if transparency is guaranteed. Having both is better, because NGOs can have many rules to follow or you risk shutting down. I generally prefer a humanitarian leaning business over NGO, but NGOs can get lot of funding for such, because it can easily help many vulnerable people. Where are the ‘feminists’ ready to learn from the humanist?

Ordinary citizens should not wait for public leaders or private activists, you can buy and urge your neighbors to buy and co-protect each other. I have heard of Gambians in the Diaspora paying off the annual ‘land dues’ of compounds in a whole village, but smarter is loaning them security cameras. Talk to your village head and VDCs about the importance of modernising security . Count the number of compounds in the village/neighborhood and consider bulk buying. Let every compound advance twenty to fifty dollars for the bulky visible cameras to deter, solar cameras, and others . This will reduce your burden and give you hint on compliance ratio. So you can also buy smaller least visible cameras and body cameras. December is around the corner, many villagers are selling their produce to buy cameras or marry more wives and wait for government on what is personal responsibility? Ask them to pay with money, goat, sheep, or whatever; or why should I empathise with someone who think I should buy meat, but they won’t sell one sheep to protect ten or more sheep? And then demand time and money from a government with limited resources?

Our bad journalists will have less to complain, but our good journalists will have less work and sins. Do you prefer a Citizen who calls to complain, give zero evidence, and expect you to investigate with your limited income, or Citizens who forward verifiable videos as evidence? Start selling cameras or urge its buying.

A safer Nation is paradise for all of us and more tourists for money and other blessings. So you want work or more tourists, then invest in cameras than marabouts and blaming of government. Your cameras can also reduce corruption and that may be the reason why corrupt officials will not urge you to invest in it or encourage you through tax break or fine sharing through your camera evidence. So with or without government, you must ask what can you sacrifice for your personal safety, protection of belongings, peace of mind, prospects for work to fellow citizens, etc. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer

Optional note:

Can you hear the guilty Gambian+ in the Diaspora? We refuse to think how cameras can help or what part can we play for safer Gambia or xyz? We refuse to accept even suggestions from the marijuana legalisation Activist. He wants to make our nation too safe, then we cannot enjoy complaining like he enjoys marijuana or sunlight? He wants to bring culture of cameras to force us to prosecute sins between creatures and admit we have other wrong doers we should pursue than marijuana users? We want the right to assume every wrong was done due to marijuana users, or why Canada and California are not seeing lot of crimes? Our money is our money, he has no right to suggest we should reduce buying expensive shoes and clothes for ourselves or friends and families, and buy cameras instead? You see, we told you marijuana is dangerous, some users are now coming to dictate how we spend our monies? He is jealous or want to earn too much from God?

So the Good Gambian+ understand balance. Although culture of body cameras may expose adulterous folks on holidays , it may prevent such and save marriages for children. Although poor Gambian women are robbed and raped than visiting Gambians, criminals can target anyone. If you bring many body cameras for your friends+, God may protect you, scare some criminals off, or help you solve crimes. The different angles of your body cameras can be amazing memories for you and share with others for more tourists?

Realisable Wishful imagination: A Saudi Billionaire, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or xyz calling President Barrow: Mr. President, your country is small, relatively peaceful, and very ideal for research. I want to supply over ten million cameras to your about three million Citizens, that will set a world record and certainly reduce your crime rate. The rich ones can buy, the poor ones can pay on instalments, fine sharing can help them pay, and I will throw a two million dollars annual lottery for camera owners. If you strongly ask Gambians or xyz to buy cameras, may be ten to twenty five percent will buy within a year; if you add fine sharing, another twenty five percent or more will buy; if you smartly throw about two million dollar annual lottery, then almost every Gambian+ will accept cameras. It will be reward oriented lottery: 1. Every camera owner will get one free ticket. 2. If your camera reports or help solve a crime, you get extra tickets towards the lottery. 3. If your camera shot gets million views on twitter or my special reality ‘YouTube,’, then you get ten tickets and a surprise… So the one million dollars will be distributed to at least ten categories of merit based videos, and the other million dollar will be a grand prize to those who paid or never missed instalments/payments. Mr. President it is a win -win situation, or you can fine the guilty enough and sponsor the two million dollars without me gaining publicity… The safest country in Africa or the world may be bigger publicity than mine . How about if God will pay more than million dollars because you sincerely care, want to do your part, not just rely on better or worse neighbors? Mr. Barrow: You want to end or drastically reduce corruption in my country? We will go through hell, before we reach paradise. How can I deal with a close friend caught on multiple cameras? I can pardon or s/he may taste Jail like the friends of Trump or Hunter Biden? Let me think about it, but don’t expect me to urge Gambians to buy Cameras.

A thief seeing a village with lot of cameras will spare that village, but they may never thank me and you like those who finance the cameras. They may not thank deterrence and may argue no thief is caught for years, so no more buying or maintenance fees… So let’s make edutainment jokes: ‘I am too poor to invest on Cameras and have a cutlass for any potential rapist’. So a gun man came to abduct her daughter , sheep, or expensive smart phones. They call the media houses that refuse to educate them or under educate them and wrongly defend their excuses… Now that poor family may claim thousands was lost or a person who was not worth protecting ? They refused a camera loan from a neighbour, from someone in the Diaspora, or from the government that understands cameras may be more valuable than fertiliser? Ministry of security versus Agriculture? Should we educate is more vital than should we rescue or empathise.

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