Say they have been neglected for too long

The ’63 Nigeria Army Elders Association of Retired Volunteer Soldiers has called on the Federal Government to urgently pay the pension and gratuity owed them.

In a statement made available to journalists in Lagos on Tuesday, the Association?s Chairman, Peter Ajayi, appealed for their benefits, following their retirement over four decades ago after volunteering to fight in the Biafra Civil War.

Ajayi expressed disappointment with the way they had been treated since the war ended in 1970.

?The soldiers that fought civil war to keep Nigeria from being torn apart have been neglected. Some have died out of starvation, while their families are left alone without pensions, especially the 63 N.A who fought the Biafra war,? he said.

?We have faith in this government, that justice, equity and fairness will prevail. We want fair judgment over the unjust retirement of volunteer soldiers after the civil war with a sum of N1,500.?

Ajayi described the situation as ?pathetic and unfortunate?, given that the ?Biafra soldiers who rebelled against this nation and were dismissed could be pardoned along with their leaders and they all received their pensions and gratuities.?

?We are using this opportunity to appeal to the Federal Government to extend such hands of fellowship to us by compassionately looking into our matter,? he added.

He said that the payment of their benefits would afford them and their families a decent life, after years of painful neglect.

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