The Committee for Joint Action (CJA) strongly urges the Government of Ghana and the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) to reverse the decision to increase utility tariffs as a matter of urgency.
Cja DemoWe note that since the increases were announced last week, groups such as the Socialist Forum of Ghana, The New Patriotic Party (NPP), the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), the Peoples National Convention (PNC) and organized labour have all condemned the measure as unreasonable and insensitive.
All these groups with different ideological and political persuasions cannot be wrong and it is important for Government to demonstrate that in pursuing its policies, it will listen to the concerns of the people.
The CJA strongly believes that the increases in utility tariffs will pass on the cost of inefficiency, maladministration and corruption to innocent consumers.
We insist that it is time to take a long term view of meeting the energy and water needs of Ghana. This must necessarily include efforts to reduce the cost of generating power ???and producing portable water for mass distribution.
The CJA is able and willing to join hands with organized labour and genuine organizations which want to press home the need to reverse these increases.
source: The Insight


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