Ace social commentator, Kwesi Pratt, love him or hate him, hitherto, was someone one could label as a paragon of virtue when it came to holding on to his principles. Not an occasion presented itself that this iconic newspaper owner and editor didn’t drum home that point of being principled.

Kwesi Pratt
Kwesi Pratt

Principles, from the very little I have been exposed to, don’t change with time. Principles are static. The kind of principles one lived with in years gone by should stay with him till he is no more. Time and events should impact positively on principles, not the reverse. Kwesi Pratt, without any shred of doubt, is one of the key actors of CJA, if not the lifewire of the group.

Much to the consternation of thousands of Ghanaians, what Pratt and his CJA have sought to do is sharply worlds apart from the virtue they have been sermonizing to us over the years.

The CJA claims hitting the streets with the aim of demonstrating against the Mahama administration over its failure to live up to the bidding will only inure to the political as well as electoral fortunes of the opposition New Patriotic Party!

According to Kwasi Adu, the convenor of CJA, the NPP in power maltreated the pressure group when they staged demonstrations. They were threatened with court actions on several occasions, and brutalized, sometimes, according to the group.

For these reasons, the CJA isn’t willing and prepared to hit the streets on the very issues they took the NPP on in 2007 and 2008. In essence, Kwasi Adu is opining that since the NPP will be the greatest beneficiary of such
demonstrations, not even Jesus Christ could convince them to resuscitate CJA.

I find this stance highly untenable. The reasons being adduced to justify this hypocritical stance are not only lame but also outrageously ludicrous and incongruous! Kwesi Pratt was a leading member of Alliance for Change.

They demonstrated on these same issues when the NDC was in power. Kume Preko hastily comes to mind! They were brutalized, whipped, incarcerated and pronounced enemies of the state!

The NPP came to power in 2001. By the same principles Pratt and his lieutenants are unmelodiously singing now, why did they join the NDC in demonstrating against Kufuor? Where was that principle when they pitched camp with the NDC between 2001 to 2008, the party that had brutalized and murdered them during the Kume Preko era? This is completely off the wall, sappy and ridiculous, putting it mildly!

This decision is logically inconsistent with the past and reasonably and materially empty and pathetic!

Kwesi Pratt should, with immediate effect, cease to hold himself as a man of principles since his actions lately point to the opposite direction!

The nagging question plaguing my jumbled thoughts is; What is/are the motivation(s) behind this loud silence of the CJA when the prevailing economic, social and political atmospheres are far worse than what used to be the case during Kufuor’s era?

Is it the case that most of the members of CJA have been appointed ministers, deputy ministers and members of board of directors on some national entities that Pratt’s CJA seems demised?

Is it because some of them have been offered mouth-watering contracts in various districts that they don’t see why they should bite the hand that feeds them?

Is it because some members of CJA have had their wards being educated outside Ghana at the expenses of Ghanaian tax payers that they are being coerced to shut up for good?

Will the CJA be resurrected in 2017 when the NPP is in power. Your guesses are as good as mine, folks!

P K Sarpong

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