It is clear that it is becoming difficult for the government and Muslim clerics, chiefs and elders of the Zongo?s to control or curb completely the ?sakawa? or internet fraud now prevalent in the ?zongos? or Muslim communities in Ghana.wpid-sakawa-money.jpg

At least we are not aware of any effective measures put in place to curb this unfortunate activity which has become the ?order of the day? among some youth. However, all hope is not lost. Internet fraud is now prevalent in most families but if we can’t find it in our nuclear family, internet fraud might be occurring in our extended families. To curb the menace it is advisable for Muslim clerics and elders must take steps to talk to the young ones using the pulpits and community meetings and other ceremonies (marriage, naming and funerals). This way they would be able to discover and check some young ones to disengage in the sinful act gradually.

Those involved in fraud must know that committing sin against your fellow human beings by using the internet is more dangerous than some serious sins committed against humanity and comes after Shirk (associating partners with Allah).
The sakawa adherents must note this: When your fellow human being refuses to forgive you on this planet earth for defrauding him or her, you will be smiling at the wrong side of your mouth on the day of Reckoning. Allah might not forgive you.
It is sad that on this day and age some people seem to be unnecessarily hungry for earthly things instead of praying fervently for more rewards. All these people must repent now before it is too late for you to do so. If one cheat the ?Miskeen? or the humble ones among you, you will be with no rewards on the day of Reckoning.

According to the words of the Prophet Mohammed, ?the sinners? rewards will be used to pay those he cheated on the planet earth
according to the prophet “Allah is clean and accepts but that which is clean” . This Hadith went farther to talk about a man who was living a sinful life on what he drinks, eats, wears and even the air he nourishes, and the prophet was asked: can his prayers be answered? In This revelation the prophet said.

if You got and use your money from fraud or any other unlawful means and you use the money to buy nice dress and part of the money for food and drinks and the rest for “better living”, with your wife how do you feel standing in front of Allah to worship Him. The Hadith is asking you how your prayers can be answered? .Allah will hear your prayers only when you live on genuine money from your sweat and toil. So the young ones must stay clear from forbidden ways of life and instead live on righteous things which He has made available to us and stay away from what He forbid us. There are temptations that would come your way. It is not easy to resist it in this economic hardship but with steadfastness the youth will be able to achieve their aims of staying clear from sinful acts.

WHAT GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO DO: many sharp brains in the country are found to be involved in the sakawa business now in our zongos. Indeed they use their intellectual ability to make falsehoods to sound and look like truth. Some of these boys and girls with weak education backgrounds haven?t been in computer classes before but trust me they will rather teach a lot of computer lecturers more stuffs in computing. Since they can deceive another person to buy into their tricks it means they are good communicators? but in bad businesses. This guys can be camped and helped to do something beneficial for the nation instead of being left alone to waste their talents and tarnishing the image of the country. A lot of these guys can develop software with good features for use in and outside Ghana In God willing.

WHAT MUSLIM CLERICS NEED TO DO.? Muslim clerics are supposed to teach us ?sharia? Islamic laws for us to be mindful of our duties meant for spiritual elevation. Islamic clerics most of who are Imams should be humble and honest to the Ummah they lead. The Muslim leaders must note that the fact that someone is into ?sakawa? doesn’t mean he will die a kafir or he will enter hell fire. The Imams should desist from condemning those involved in sakawa as people who will enter hell fire. Those making this kind of declarations ?fatwa? should know better.

In fact we are all sinners and don?t know which particular sin committed by us can incur Allah?s anger and finally throw us in hell fire…Allah forbid. One might consider the sin one commits to be minimal but in the sight of Allah it might be huge. When a sinner approaches a scholar, he (the scholar) must have patience with the person and help him or her to come out of that sinful life style. The scholar should not pronounce judgment on that person. We don?t think Allah has already delegated power to someone on earth to pronounce judgment on His behalf.

For example if an ardent smoker of cigar wants to stop smoking he might not be able to stop at once but rather slowly by following a regime of therapy to help him to stop. For instance if he smokes 20 sticks a day and now want to stop he can reduce to 10 sticks a day for some time and keep decreasing till he stops completely. It is possible but rare to find someone quitting smoking or sinful acts at once. It takes bravery or strong will power to achieve a ?onetime? stoppage of ?sinful acts?. Remember it took the ?wrong doer? time to adopt that lifestyle so they might need a little time to come out of it by Allah?s will. Allah has the patience for He knows that the wrongdoers could take steps to stop their unapproved acts. Muslim leaders should take their inspirational and spiritual roles very seriously because the youth of today need to be handled with care in the affairs of their lives.
The youth themselves must pray regularly and ask God to help them out of sinful acts. The youth must endeavor to learn by reading the Quran and the traditions of Islam at all times and other teachings of Islam as expected of them by the almighty. Every Muslim has a role to play by cleansing his heart and taking control of this life. This way the youth could help himself, the Muslim Ummah and Ghana as a whole

Source: FAISAL AWUDU BAWA and Khuzaimah Osman
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