Climate change produces severe risks in Europe

Climate change
Climate change

Europe is facing rising sea levels and more extreme weather due to climate change, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said in a report on Wednesday.

Among extreme weather were more frequent and more intense heat waves, flooding, droughts and storms, according to the report.

It reviewed the latest trends and projections on climate change and its impacts across Europe.

Better and more flexible adaptation strategies, policies and measures will be crucial to lessen these impacts, the report said.

According to the report, nearly all European regions are vulnerable to climate change.

Among them, southern and south-eastern Europe is projected to be a climate change hotspot, as it is expected to face the highest number of adverse impacts.

At the same time, in western parts of Europe, coastal areas and floodplains are also seen as hotspots as they face an increased risk of flooding from rising sea levels and a possible increase in storm surges.

The main health impacts are linked to extreme weather events, changes in the distribution of climate-sensitive diseases, and changes in environmental and social conditions, it said.

Among health impacts were injuries, infections, exposure to chemical hazards and mental health consequences.

In terms of economic costs, it could be very high, since climate-related extreme events in EEA member countries account for more than 400 billion euros (429.82 billion U.S. dollars) of economic losses since 1980.

The report also said that mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into other policies is progressing but can be further enhanced.

Other further actions include improving policy coherence across different policy areas and governance levels and more flexible adaptive management approaches, it said. Enditem

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