Some CLOGSAG members at the press conference. Inset: Isaac Bampoe Addo

THE NATIONAL Executive Committee of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana, (CLOGSAG) has threatened to declare a nationwide sit-down strike with effect from February 9, 2012.

The leaders of CLOGSAG noted that the strike would remain indefinite until government addressed anomalies in the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS).

CLOGSAG claimed it had discovered inconsistencies in the application of the principles underlying the SSSS.

Wearing red hand bands while some CLOGSAG members had tied red scarves around their necks, the leaders of the association told media practitioners in Accra that there were overlaps with respect to the salaries of workers who had been placed below level 21 of the salary structure, while those at the higher levels had a consistent salary.

“This implies that the structure has been massaged to the disadvantages of our members,” said Isaac Bampoe Addo, Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG.

With effect from Thursday, all GLOGSAG members had been directed by their leaders to continue wearing red bands and hoist red flags at all offices until government addressed their concern.

“We are not operating a Single Spine Salary Structure,” the CLOGSAG executive secretary said.

He explained that a non-overlapping salary structure had been applied to sectors of the public while other sectors were on a salary structure which combined overlapping and non-overlapping levels.

The distorted SSSS, which remains the basis for payments of salaries, are genuine concerns that had been ignored all this while.

“These genuine concerns that had been ignored all this while should not continue and we call on government to ensure, as a matter of urgency, that equity and fairness prevails in salaries and conditions of service for all public sector workers”, Mr. Addo noted.

The irate public workers said some members of CLOGSAG had since September 2011 not been migrated onto the SSSS.

Workers who have not been migrated include internal auditors, some staff of the Lands Commission and the Accounting Class of the Association.

Efforts such as a meeting with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, the Minister of Employment and Social Welfare and the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, according to the leadership of CLOGSAG, had proved futile.

Disclosing portions of issues discussed at a meeting of the national executive committee of CLOGSAG on Friday January 20, 2012, Mr. Addo said the top-up allowance introduced to mitigate the negative and insignificant changes as was done for other public service institutions as a result of expectations among public officers, had not been applied to CLOGSAG.

“There has been incomplete migration of Civil and Local Government Staff onto the SSSS even though it has been repeatedly announced by government that all public sector officers will be placed on the SSSS by December 2011”, Mr. Addo noted.

By Stella Danso Addai



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