Close Down FDA Of Ghana


Food and Drugs AuthorityA cross-section of the Ghanaian populace have registered their utmost disquiet about the work of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and accordingly called for its immediate closure.

According to the respondents, the FDA is inept when it comes to taking proactive actions against the sale of certain uncertified commodities, particularly a popular local beverage called ?Burkina.?

?There is no manufacturing and expiry date on the bottle of ?burkina? sold across the country therefore, a bottle of an expired Burkina cannot be verified?the nature of the hot scorching sun mostly attracts prospective buyers to the beverage that could be detrimental to their health,? said a resident of Tesano, Ashaley Armah.

For her part, Madam Awumbisi revealed that she had to rush her thirteen-year-old daughter to the hospital after she had taken a bottle of burkina that she bought for her at the Neoplan traffic light in Accra.

According to her, her daughter developed stomach aches few minutes after taking the product.

A student, Awuah Sasu, noted that the sale of the product served as making ends meet for some people.

??Therefore, it would be proper if FDA ensures that conditions under which it is prepared are the best so that it does not cause harm to consumers who would eventually stop its purchase,? she cautioned.

?It is extremely unpardonable that FDA has not even attempted to find out the source of the bottles used to package the beverage,? she added.

?The FDA has become a toothless bull dog. They know the requirements from the producers before the product could be sold to the public however they have shirked their responsibilities, allowing the uncertified beverage on the market? What is FDA use?

It should be scrapped? bemoaned a truck driver, Amidu Giwa.

A clerk at the Ministries, Esther Ayisiwaa, also called for the firing of the FDA workers and the eventual closure of the authority ?if they would not sit up on their responsibilities of ensuring that only wholesome products are sold on the markets, a job it is being paid for.?

?FDA is only wasting the tax payer?s money,? she added.


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