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Co-operative Distillers Union Unveils Market Challenges

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Mr. Gyarko Kwadwo Titus, the Regional Manager of Co-operative Distillers and Retailers Central Union Limited for Bono, Bono East, and Ahafo Regions, has declared that the best alcoholic beverage ever produced in Ghana and globally is palmie distiller’s Alcohol, commonly known as Akpeteshie. However, he cautioned consumers that not all Akpeteshie products in the Ghanaian market are fit for consumption due to widespread dilution practices.

Mr. Titus Gyarko explained that many producers and intermediaries often dilute palmie Alcohol with ethyl alcohol, also known as Industrial ethanol, using outdated methods to generate more bubbles.

According to Mr. Gyarko, many customers mistakenly believe that the size and persistence of bubbles formed when alcohol is agitated in a glass determine its quality. However, he emphasized that this method is affected by various factors, including temperature and glass shape, making it inaccurate.

Mr. Gyarko further revealed that ethyl alcohol, primarily used for industrial purposes rather than consumption, produces excessive bubbles and takes longer to dissolve. He stressed that ethyl alcohol is not suitable for human consumption as it is produced through the fermentation of sugars or chemical synthesis.

In an exclusive interview with Space FM following the Union’s 29th Annual General Meeting and Elections, Mr. Gyarko revealed that only the Co-operative Distillers offices are equipped with advanced tools such as alcoholic meters to accurately assess the quality of alcoholic content.

He expressed concern about splinter groups forming their associations without adhering to quality and safety standards, taking advantage of Ghana’s constitutional provisions on freedom of association.

Calling for vigilance at various checkpoints, Mr. Gyarko urged law enforcement agencies to prevent the circulation of substandard alcoholic products in the market. The Union is committed to cooperating with security agencies to eliminate diluted alcohol from the market and ensure consumer safety.

Touching on their contributions to national development, Mr. Titus Gyarko reiterated the Union’s substantial payments of VAT and Excise duty totalling GHC 207,000 to the Ghana Revenue Authority from 2019 to 2023.

In a final piece of advice, Mr. Gyarko urged alcoholic consumers to exercise caution, especially when purchasing Akpeteshie, as diluted products continue to circulate in the market. The Co-operative Distillers Union remains dedicated to promoting quality and safety in alcoholic beverages for the well-being of consumers.

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