COA Formula is Unique and Confidential, Says Professor Duncan

Coa Rmlc
President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC), Professor Samuel Ato Duncan

The President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC), Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, has clarified critical issues regarding brand misuse, price variations, and the distinct purposes of COA products.

According to him, the COA formula is unique and highly confidential. Only one person has complete knowledge of the production process and stresses that the formula has never been shared with any third party.

Addressing Journalists at a press conference in Accra, Professor Duncan expressed concern over recent reports of individuals exploiting the COA brand to sell counterfeit products.

These individuals falsely claim to offer similar benefits and training from Professor Duncan himself. He clarified that the COA formula is unique and confidential, urging customers to purchase only from authorized distributors to avoid deception.

“Misleading advertising violates FDA regulations and undermines the true purpose of these products, which is to support general well-being and immune health. COA-RMLC is collaborating with the FDA to address and prevent false advertising.

COA Mixture and COA Plus Mixture are not cures for diseases such as cancer, kidney disease, or HIV/AIDS,” he emphasized.

Addressing pricing concerns, Professor Duncan explained that while COA Mixture has maintained a retail price of GHS100 since 2016, the company has absorbed inflation costs to keep the product accessible.

COA Plus Mixture, with its premium ingredients and intricate production process, retails for GHS200, and COA MT Mixture is priced at GHS50. Variations in pricing may occur due to distribution and transportation costs, but COA-RMLC remains committed to price stability.

Professor Duncan revealed that COA-RMLC is at the forefront of developing plant-based cellular therapies, with ongoing research aimed at isolating active ingredients for targeted medications. He invited stakeholders to join in this pioneering journey towards making Ghana a global hub for innovative natural medicines.

He reassured customers of COA-RMLC’s dedication to quality, innovation, and accessibility, encouraging the continued use and recommendation of COA Mixture, COA Plus Mixture, and COA MT Mixture.

Pilot Queen Princess Duncan Deputy Ceo Of Coa Research And Manufacturing Limited Company
President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC), Professor Samuel Ato Duncan

Pilot Queen, Princess Duncan, Deputy CEO of COA Research and Manufacturing Limited Company reassured the public that COA-RMLC is taking concrete steps to address all the challenges since they are working closely with relevant authorities to safeguard the brand and prevent any misleading practices.

However, she underscored COA-RMLC’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of its brand and the quality of its products. Stressing that the company will continue to innovate and improve, driven by the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

The journey of COA-RMLC started in 2006 with the development of a groundbreaking formula.

The company received official registration from the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) in 2016 for its first product, COA FS, initially classified as a food supplement for immune support.

In 2020, the FDA reclassified COA FS as an herbal medicine for general well-being, prompting a name change to COA Mixture.

This product has since gained a loyal following worldwide, with numerous testimonials attesting to its effectiveness.

In 2023, COA-RMLC expanded its product line with the introduction of COA Plus Mixture, aimed at boosting the immune system, and COA MT Mixture, specifically targeting malaria. These innovations underscore COA-RMLC’s commitment to advancing natural medicine.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/

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