Ugonna Ukaigwe
Ugonna Ukaigwe

That is after she has benefited from various useful courses of study in Ghana’s major institutions of higher learning. In the course of her services Ms. Ugonna proved equal to the tasks assigned her to the extent that she won the support and cooperation of almost all those who served on the coalition throughout Ghana , from the labor unions to the religious unions, women groups and the physically challenged.

Ugonna Ukaigwe
Ugonna Ukaigwe
While members of the coalition expected her to continue helping to push the Right to information bill, now before Ghana’s parliament into law she had another idea unknown to many of us but which proved to be positive.

She took members by surprise by leaving Ghana for the United Kingdom saying good bye to Ghana and perhaps West Africa for good. It all turned to be a good omen. We know that she has moved on to do something good to improve her Curriculum Vitae , yes that is good and we all support her in that regard. She promised to move along with us in our work .At least that is what she hinted after she flew unceremoniously to the UK.

In her email to members of the coalition she thanked us all for cooperating with her in the course of her work and also promised to remain glued to the cause she championed when she lived in Ghana. Almost all those who received her mail while in the UK also reacted by commending her foe moving over to the UK to better herself. Ugonna, wherever you are, I wish to say that you have lived up to your promise. You have since been bombarding us with valuable news in our email inboxes about activities on the Right to Information bill or law or its other title the Freedom of Information in many countries around the world including Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Italy to mention but a few nations .

Every information you have sent and continue to send would be useful to us on the coalition and all those concerned stakeholders like parliament, the executive, the media and the general public. What you are doing would go a long way to encourage the legislators to realize the need to push a good bill on RTI into law.

Members of the public including the media would also be ready to make good use of the RTI when it becomes law by fighting to get government officials and all concerned to be accountable .As a columnist on line and leading member of the Coalition on the Right To Information in Ghana, I wish to congratulate you once again for moving on in life and for your effort to keep the fire burning in the universal struggle to pass the RTI or freedom of information bill into law and get it enforced in Ghana and the whole wide world

Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Executive Director
P.O.BOX 17070AN 233244370345/23327483710/ 233208844791
[email protected] /[email protected]


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